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Chicagoist 10 Year Anniversary Party

October 27th, 2014 · No Comments

Pre-gaming at Gold Star. Julene, Chuck, Rachelle, Justin, Shannon, Erin, Scott, Mike, Margaret, Kevin, Matt. Not pictured: Jim, Michelle, Sam. (Photo by Chuck)

@Emporium Wicker Park

Chuck’s opening remarks.

Q: How many selfies can one take in a night? A: Lots!

With Jen, of Gothamist

With Andrew, of Gapers Block

This logo is burned in my brain.

Don’t ask!

Chicagoist 10 Year Anniversary Party: The night was EPIC.

– Reconnecting with friends with whom you used to spend every waking moment with either in person or online
– Special guests from New York City
– Hours of free drinks
– Reenacting scandalous 8-year-old photos
– Free Chicagosit merch
– Sending your husband home early
– Endless selfies
– Shots of Fireball that you only discovered you bought (three rounds!) when you find the Fireball soaked receipt in your purse the next day
– Flash Taco (enough said)
– Stolen burritos
– Losing things in the bushes next to your front stoop
– Having to wake the entire household, including your in-laws, because you don’t have your keys
– Finding random things in your pants pockets while doing laundry the next day

I don’t know how 10 years has gone by! I still remember moving to Chicago 10 years ago and Jen and Jake pitching the thought of “starting a site like Gothamist but for Chicago.” I still remember meeting my co-founder, Margaret, at the Starbucks in 444 N. Michigan. And meeting our first two writers at Handlebar and drinking super cheap-o Schlitz. Time flies! People change (we’re going to have a Chicagoist playdate soon), but people are fundamentally the same. I need to be better about getting out and seeing everyone!


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Live Band Karaoke at Subterranean to Benefit Association House

December 14th, 2012 · No Comments









Photo from Association House’s Facebook page.





This post got a little lost after I returned from our Hawaii vacation, but here is it finally! The week we got back was the Association House live band karaoke fundraiser. Money from the event went towards child emergency welfare programs. Jess, Sara and I met at Big Star** for a few drinks and some dinner, then headed over to Subterranean for karaoke fun. We sang Shoop by Salt-n-Pepa and didn’t even need the lyric sheet. Probably a bad move at the end, but by then we were really drunk, we also sang Call Me Maybe and basically got the Shepard’s hook pull off the stage. Ha. Time to go home! Really fun night, though! Association House raised $1,145, money that will directly go towards helping kids in crisis situations. I hope they do the live band karaoke again! I’ve been to live band karaoke before (with Chicagoist, with Allison and Susan), but had never actually done it. So fun!

** While we were at Big Star, Margaret Lyons walked in the door. I was so shocked. It was like, “holy crap! what year is it!?!?” I hadn’t seen her for years because she moved to New York and we used to hang out in the Big Star space years ago when it was still Pontiac. We even hosted a Chicagoist party there. So great to see her, if only for a minute or two.

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Chicagoist Alumni Reunion

October 20th, 2010 · No Comments

Sam (Former General Contributor), Chuck (Former Music Writer, Former Food/Drink Editor, Current Editor-in-Chief), Jocelyn (Former General Contributor), Margaret (Former Television Writer), Benjy (Sports, then and now!), Rachelle (Former Editor-in-Chief), Jim (Music/A&E Editor, then & now!)

Thales (Former Ask Chicagoist Writer), James (Former Copy Editor), Chuck (Former Music Writer, Former Food/Drink Editor, Current Editor-in-Chief), Matt (Former General Contributor), Olivia (Former General Contributor)

Mike (Former Political Writer), Benjy (Sports, then and now!), Justin (Former A&E/Culture Writer)

Earlier this week a bunch of Chicagoist staff from the olden days, i.e. back when I was the Editor, got together for drinks at Cole’s in Logan Square. A few people I run into every few months, but many I had not seen for a year or several years. I made everyone line up and take photos just to prove we actually did it. We were all in one room together!

It was great to catch up. Back in the day we all had such close, daily contact. It’s fun to check in with everyone and see how everything is going. I mean, many of us stay in contact online, but in-person is so different. I hope that we can make this a more regular thing, so that years and years don’t go by before I see these dear friends again!

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