Los Bulls vs. 76ers – Noche Latina

One good thing that came out of that WTF night is that at the Association House event both Jess and Sara won Bulls tickets! So, we all three, plus Jillian, went. I’d only ever been to one Bulls game before and it was 6 years ago, so I was excited. And Sara had never been to a game, so she was super psyched.

We didn’t realize that the game was Noche Latina (Latin Night) until we got to the arena. Noche Latina honors the Hispanic community and is presented by the McDonald’s Hispanic Owner-Operators Association (MHOA). The Bulls wore Los Bulls jerseys and throughout the game there was all kinds of stuff going on! The player intros were in Spanish, a mariachi band played the National Anthem, local Hispanic dance troupes performed, and at halftime the flags of 20 Spanish-speaking Latin countries were presented.

You’ll see from my photos that I found a lot of this stuff to be more exciting than the actual game! Blasphemous. Maybe if the Bulls would have won….

Getting Excited!

Really excited! This was Sara’s first Bulls game!

If you can’t understand the audio: 1. Derrick Rose incites screaming and 2. It’s in Spanish.

Game On!


Madhouse = The United Center is at 1901 W. Madison Street

Like our #1 fingers?


Cool Dance Troupe

Flag presentation = Most boring halftime show ever!

Killian was at the game and came for a halftime visit. He took this photo of us.

More awesome Hispanic dancers.

#1 Beer!

Rachelle & Jess

Acrobatics. Check out that lady getting spin at center court.

The Luvabulls.

Noche Latina

After the Bulls game we went to Bottom Lounge just for one more drink.