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Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival

August 1st, 2011 · 1 Comment

The first year we lived in Logan Square we missed the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival because we had conflicting plans. Last year I took my niece Jess through and it was alright, but not great. This year it has finally all come together. The fest seemed really improved and we were able to invite some friends over and make an evening of it. Here is what I liked:

Revolution Brewing sponsored the festival and all of the beer there was brewed by them. I drank only the Bottom Up Wit (Refreshing Belgian-style wheat beer spiced with coriander and orange peel. Made with organic malt and wheat.), but there was also the Rosa (Tart summer ale infused with 20 lbs of Hibiscus flowers and touch of orange peel. Elegantly refreshing and defiantly delicious.), Anti-Hero IPA (An American hop assault for all the ambivalent warriors who get the girl in the end. “Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution, and I’m not in it for you, Princess.”) and Coup d’ Etat (Dry, spicy French-style saison dry hopped with German Select hops.).

In addition, sangria was provided by Lula, the popular Logan Square restaurant and wine was provided by Telegraph, Logan Square’s brand new wine bar. I loved how all the drinks were sponsored by bars and restaurants that were only a block or two away. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this at a Chicago festival before. I mean, the beer was made right there. Now, maybe next year we can get the food to be more local.

Another thing I liked was that we were on the square, which means grass and shade. Many times you go to a Chicago festival and there’s nowhere to stand or sit except in the hot sun on the burning hot asphalt. At this festival we got our drinks and walked across the street to the shaded, grassy park. So much more comfortable.

Thirdly: Art. It was an art fest, afterall. Along Milwaukee Avenue there were curated art exhibits and pop-up galleries in empty storefronts and sponsoring establishments. There were also all kinds of different art activities that featured more than 200 artists in over 30 exhibits. The only exhibit I went to was located in the Logan Square Comfort Station, which was conveniently located directly behind the beer tent. The exhibit was Folding Time: Explorations of Surface Reality, a showing of mixed media paintings by Chicago artist Jason Brammer. Pretty interesting.

We spent all of our time at time nearby the main stage at Milwaukee and Kedzie and the music there was pretty good. We enjoyed a mostly all-girl band (only the drummer was a guy) called Hollows. There was also a stage at Milwaukee and Kimball and one closer to our condo, the Cole’s stage at Milwaukee & Belden.

I bought this hat for Dallas. Do you like it?




Ed (and me!)

My friend, Bottom Up Wit

Finally, and probably the best part, our awesome friends who came to the fest with us. In addition to the people above, we also saw Andy and Katie, who just got engaged about a week ago. And Dallas and I also talked to Jack for a while. Jack cuts our hair and his salon, Mops, was a fest sponsor.

Alden and I were standing in line to get a taco when we saw Dallas purchase and drink a pina colada served in a pineapple. What the heck!? I have no idea what he was thinking since he is never one to order a fruity drink. Must have been the new hat I bought him!

We left shortly after and everyone came back to our house. We had been slow cooking pork all day while we were away. Dallas also made blue cheese coleslaw and I made a caprese couscous salad ahead of time, so we all feasted and sat out on our roof deck, where it was a perfect summer night.

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August 17th, 2010 · No Comments

After the YumUniverse party, Jess and Alden and I headed to Nightwood a restaurant by the same people that do Lula in Logan Square that I’ve always wanted to try. It was about 90 degrees outside at 8 p.m. and the only seating they had without a wait was outside, so we just decided to suck it up and sit out there. Here are some photos from our meal.. they were taken in streetlight lighting, so they’re not the greatest, but you get the idea.

To start, we got biscuits with whipped honey butter and a heirloom tomato, arugula and parmesan salad with aged balsamic and rich olive oil.

For our main courses Jess and I split the wood-grilled whole Wisconsin trout with salsa verde, black beans, sweet corn, and pico de gallo. It was a tasty dish and nice and light for the summertime. Alden had the roasted Gunthrop Farm duck leg with radicchio and black olives. I had a taste and it was very good. Alden said he liked it but there were so many olives, it was a little overwhelming.

For dessert we got brown sugar vanilla gelato and blackberry gelato to try to beat the heat.

I liked Nightwood fine. I think that I would have had a better experience if I wasn’t sweating buckets through my whole meal. It didn’t help that we were seating with our backs against a brick wall that had absorbed heat all day. It felt like leaning against a heater. I’ll definitely want to go back the next time I’m in Pilsen!

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Erin’s Wedding Not-a-Shower-Just-Girls-Getting-Together-For-Drinks-and-Food

October 18th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Erin & Rachelle, Old Town, Chicago

Erin and Scott are getting married next weekend. This is each of their second marriages and instead of going through all of the traditional wedding hoopla, like they did for their first weddings, they have decided to elope and get married on a tiny farm in Woodstock, VT. I think it’s romantic that they’re choosing to concentrate on the marriage and that for the wedding they will only be focused on each other and their vows. No need to worry about whether the wedding cake is pretty enough or if Uncle Joe had too much to drink. What really matters? The two of them. Who will be there? The two of them. Of course, because Erin and Scott spend just about waking moment online in some fashion, they have created a blog and will be keeping everyone up to date while they’re away. The unique nature of this wedding hasn’t gone unnoticed. This week both Time Out Chicago and Glamour Magazine wrote about it.

Erin and Scott met when they were both writing for Chicagoist and Margaret and I were the co-editors. When we first hired Erin, she and I had only written emails to each other and IMed. We finally met one night for dinner at Lula. Afterwards Erin offered to give me a ride home. She said to me “I think I have crush on Scott Smith.” I laughed and was like “Yeh!! Margaret and I do too! He’s awesome.” And then as time went by … “OH! You mean .. oh. … gotcha!” Scott tells the touching story of how it all happened here. I read it remembering being present at many of those events in the timeline. When they first came to Chicagoist. When they first met at Wishbone. A drunk happy hour at My Bar (on Chicagoist, on rachelleb.com).

Today some of Erin’s close girlfriends threw her a wedding shower party for all of the women in Erin’s life to get together for a few hours for lunch and drinks. (Olivia took this photo of Erin and I at the party.) The couple has requested no gifts for the wedding, but I couldn’t help but get them something small and sentimental. I hope they like it.

It has been a joy to see their relationship evolve. It’s had it’s ups and down’s like everyone’s but I think they truly were meant to be together. I know that they will have a beautiful life together. I wish them the best… this weekend and in life!

- Erin’s photos from the party.

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