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Voting for Mayor

April 7th, 2015 · No Comments

To quote my polling official, “It should go real fast. You only got two people to vote for: The Hispanic guy or Emanuel. Just take a second.”

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Palmer Square’s Grassroots Easter Egg Hunt

April 5th, 2015 · No Comments

I’m a member of a Logan Square neighborhood parents group on Facebook and in December I made a post asking where and when Santa would be visiting the neighborhood. There were many opportunities to meet Santa in Logan Square and everyone chimed in with details of the events. So, a week or so ago, I posted a similar message, asking where we could go to see the Easter Bunny. Last year we went to a stationary store in Roscoe Village and it was fine, but somewhere within walking distance would be even nicer!

A lot of people followed my Easter Bunny posting, but no one knew anything. Finally one lady wrote that her husband owns an events company and has an Easter Bunny costume that he could wear and show up somewhere. Someone else suggested an Easter egg hunt in Palmer Square, someone called the Park District to make sure it was cool, someone suggested that if we each brought some eggs to hide a few minutes before the kids, we could make it happen. It all came together within a couple hours in one day! Sunday was good for some, Saturday for others, so there were two egg hunts. So cool!

We went to the Saturday Easter egg hunt and it turned out great! I went a to the park to hide our eggs at 10 and Dallas and his mom came over about 15 minutes later. Makai had so much fun! We even rehid some eggs and he just kept “finding” them. When the Easter Bunny showed up, Makai wasn’t so sure. I did get him to sit on his lap for a minute and he didn’t totally freak out like he did for Santa Claus, but he didn’t like it. We played around the park for a while and later on when we were leaving the park, he tried to run the other way when we had to pass by the Easter Bunny!

I hope we can do the Palmer Square Easter Egg Hunt next year too!

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We Finally Got to Fat Rice

March 26th, 2015 · No Comments

The namesake, Arroz Gordo, lit.: “substantial rice” is the celebratory dish of Macau. Reminiscent of paella, Arroz Gordo is a bountiful, home-style, layered rice dish usually prepared for family and friends on special occasions. Jasmine rice laced with sofrito, chinese sausage, salted duck and topped with portuguese chicken thighs, char sui pork, linguiça sausage, fatty prawns, clams, tea eggs, croutons, assorted pickles and sauces

Fat Rice is now 1. open for brunch/lunch and 2. takes limited reservations. Two reasons we have tried and failed in the past to visit.

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