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New Years Eve 2014

January 1st, 2015 · No Comments


This year’s New Years Eve looked very different than previous years, as you can see. Makai’s daycare had the popular children’s performer, Mary Macaroni, in to perform and do a countdown to the new year at noon. Then the kids were all released early.


Later on we went to Jen and Chad’s house and stuck it out as long as Makai could make it (until about 9:30 p.m.). Maybe next year he’ll make it longer (or we’ll get a babysitter). This was the 9th year we’ve spent New Years Eve at Jen and Chad’s house!








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Retro on Roscoe

August 13th, 2012 · No Comments

Cousins! Halle & Quinn

Halle, Brian, and Jill

Ed giving Quinn a drink (that he doesn’t want)!

Bridget, Maggie, Conor and Liam trying not to fall off the hammock.

Rory, Jill & Halle

Halle said, “Rory is cute!” She was having a great time playing with him.

Conor didn’t want to smile. He was busy eating his pineapple!

Cousin playing beer pong …..

…. and sinking it in Chad’s cup, to his astonishment!

This is at least the 6th year that I have gone to the Retro on Roscoe street festival. Chad and Jen had their annual party and we came and went from the festival. Dallas and I were more than a little bit tired from the Crosby’s opening the night before, so we were way more chill than previous years. We still had a great time, though. Like other years, there was a lot of beer pong being played in the garage. I played 2 games, but not very well. At the fest, there were a lot of 80s cover bands playing. One crazy thing this year is that Roscoe Village Neighbors association is now asking $10 per person to get in. It all goes to a good cause, the schools and improving the neighborhood, but wow, that’s double what other street fests charge. At about 8:30 I was so done! I went home and couldn’t even watch one TV show without falling asleep. Long day! (And long night the night before!)

Previous visits to Retro on Roscoe:

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Jen & Chad’s Annual Retro on Roscoe Party

August 8th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Every year Jen and Chad have a party the weekend of Retro on Roscoe. Because they live so close to Roscoe Street, people come and go from the party to the fest and back all day long. Here’s what was different about this year’s party compared to parties of years past:

In years past the party has gotten rowdy at night and Jen’s had to kick people out in the early morning hours. This year there was a huge abundance of babies and most people left when 1) their baby had a meltdown or 2) it was their baby’s bed time. I think I counted 10 or 11 strollers in the garage at one point! I guess everyone is getting older!

Quinn got his face painted at Retro on Roscoe.

Somehow the paint stayed on all day even when he was running around like crazy playing with all the kids.

Lila is Quinn’s buddy. They see each other every day and yet, they were still excited to see each other on a Saturday!

Conor and Liam are Jamie and Fitz’s kids.

Ava and Lila are Eric and Caryn’s kids. Eric was our realtor when we bought our condo.

All the kids loved climbing in the climbing tower.

I felt kind of bad for Halle. A lot of the kids at the party were between 2 and 4 years old (I’m guessing) and were running around everywhere and Halle was left on her mom’s lap to just watch. She seemed like she really wanted to get in on the action.

Dallas had Ava and Grace really thinking he was going to drink all of the juice boxes. All 20 of them. They were really upset (not really in a bad way) and were yelling “NOOOOOO, you can’t!” and, of course, that just made Dallas tease them more. Ava warned Dallas that if he drank all the juice boxes he’d get a tumm yache but he said he was still going to. As soon as Dallas walked away all the kids were drinking juice boxes. I guess they thought they better get them while they could, just in case Dallas did drink them all.

As for the adults, our games stayed mostly the same. We drank a ton of beers, and played a lot of beer pong and urban horseshoes, a.k.a. washers.

It wasn’t just kids making special appearances this year. Ed’s dad was visiting from Detroit and Chad’s aunt and cousin were in from Pennsylvania. It was nice to see so much of everyone’s family. We hung out all afternoon and then later on Dallas and I walked through the fest. We went too late. It was so packed. Usually earlier in the day it’s less busy. But Dallas got his annual Polish plate that he loves and I got a chicken pita. Fun day, fun party. I’m sure we’ll do it again next year!

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