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A Lebanese Lunch

November 27th, 2006 · 2 Comments

Air Traffic Control Tower, Reagan National Airport, Washington DC

Woodley Park/Adams Morgan Metro Escalator, Washington DC

Lebanese Taverna, Adams Moragan, Washington DC

On Saturday, we drove the car to the airport and parked and then took the Metro the rest of the way into Washington. That way when we came back so I could catch my flight, the car and my luggage and everything would already be at the airport.

We went out to the Woodley Park/Adams-Morgan station, where there was the tallest, steepest escalator I’ve every seen, I think. The neighborhoods there are pretty cool. Historic. Pretty. We had lunch right across the street from the Metro station at The Lebanese Taverna. We weren’t sure what to expect, but when we walked in to look at a menu, it smelled so good, we knew we had to stay.

The food at The Lebanese Taverna (menu) had a lot of things you’d find at a Greek or Middle Eastern or Turkish restaurant – falafel, hummus, kebabs – but then had other things that I’d never seen before that were uniquely Lebanese. The bread that was served with a sesame oil (or the hummus we ordered) was oblong and fluffy. And delicious. It reminded me of the poori you get at some Indian restaurants.

For an entree I got Fatteh bel Djaje, which is seasoned chunks of chicken breast layered over chick peas on toasted Lebanese bread, smothered with a warm yogurt sauce, pine nuts and garlic. It was great. I loved the mixture of textures – really tender chicken, with the yogurt sauce and the crunchy bread. Yum.

How crazy is it that on November 25 it was warm enough to sit outside with a light jacket on and eat lunch?

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