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Marine Air Terminal at Laguardia

June 14th, 2012 · 2 Comments

American Airlines has been my carrier of choice these past few years and I have a ton of miles with them. I try to fly with American whenever I can but last week, with less than 24-hours travel notice, it was not possible. I ended up on a Delta commuter plane. Tiny. And we flew in and out of a terminal that I never even knew existed at La Guardia. The Marine Air Terminal?

It’s not even connected to the airport. It’s out by the car rental places! And to get there we had to take a shuttle bus. Pain in the butt. I’ll try to avoid this in the future because it pretty much sucked. When I flew in it took FOREVER to get a cab to the office. I imagine that all the cabs go to the main cab stands at Laguardia and not out to this backwoods terminal.

The Marine Air Terminal itself is kind of posh. Nice, comfortable seats. Plenty of charging stations. Not to mention that there was no security line because there are only a handful of gates… but.. the food selection? UGH. Not good. I guess, though, if you don’t care about eating a $12 sandwich that has been premade, wrapped in plastic and has been sitting for ages… and if you don’t care about waiting in a cab line forever…. then maybe this is ok. Maybe I am just spoiled by Bayless at O’Hare.

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Working in New York

January 9th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Last week I was working in New York again. It was long, long hours, but I did manage one night to meet up with Jeannette, Tien and Jessica for dinner. Jess had suggested maybe going to Hill Country Barbecue for dinner. Tien said that there was a spot across the street they opened called Hill Country Chicken that specialized in fried chicken and he’s been wanting to try it. I’ve been trying to eat better this new year for the wedding, so in the end we did a 360 and decided to check out Takahachi for sushi dinner. It was good and reasonably priced and didn’t make me feel bad about what I ate. But then…..

I’d told Tien earlier that I’d always wanted to go to a Momofuku restaurant. I actually mention in a 2008 blog post that I always wanted to go there. So Tien took us to the Momofuku Milk Bar for dessert. I didn’t feel bad, though. We ordered and split several things and everything was so delicious, it was so worth it.

Jess ordered old fashioned donut soft serve and it tasted exactly like a donut. Jeannette got a cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate chip cookie and horchata soft serve. Tien got a salty pistachio “fancy” milkshake which was spiked liberally with butterscotch schnapps and was delicious. Tien also got this:

Cereal milk? I didn’t get it. Then I took a sip. Wow. It tastes EXACTLY how your milk tastes after you eat your cereal out of it. Crazy.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get. It seemed like the thing to do was to get the “crack pie,” so that’s what I did. OMG. Crack. It’s so rich and sweet.. and totally addictive… like crack (or so I hear).

This crack pie is amazing. I’m kind of obsessed now. Thanks, Tien! I have located the recipe for crack pie and I vow to make it as soon as I can (after the wedding). Oh, and I just found this clip of Andersoon Cooper going on and on about how he loves crack pie. “I sent it to my mom,” he said. “My mom’s now addicted to crack — pie. And uh, yeah, seriously, my teeth are going to fall out. It’s like doing crack. After a while of doing it your teeth will fall out.” FYI, Anderson Cooper’s mom is Gloria Vanderbilt.

Ah. And watch this… when Martha Stewart visits the Milk Bar and the pastry chef there, Christina Tosi, makes crack pie with Momofuku chef/owner David Chang.

Zowie! And now I just found out you can order Milk Bar’s cookies and pies online. This is no good. Don’t do crack kids, even if it’s just a crack pie. Moral of the story.

Anyway….. what else?

I mostly just worked and worked. The Bloomberg office is at 59th and Lexington and on this trip I stayed at the Renaissance New York Hotel 57 on 57th and Lexington. It was nice and close and they had these cute mirrors in the elevators.

Small rooms, but clean and modern. Pretty bathrooms. I liked it.

I ate probably half or more of my meals at Picnic on 57th. Everything at Picnic is good and it is close to the hotel, close to the office. I didn’t have to think about where to go. One of my coworkers goes here every single day and orders the same salad. While the salads at Picnic are great, I got a few, they also have really good sandwiches, soups and sushi. And my favorite yogurt for breakfast, too!

And on Thursday… LGA waiting for the plane to take off. It was such a long week. I just stared at this thing for like 20 minutes.

Finally. Sky Mall. I saw these shoes. In the ad they are described as having a “slick speed of life logo,” but all I could think is that the logo looks like sperm.

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Forest Hills, Queens

September 7th, 2004 · 2 Comments

Forest Hills, Queens

Forest Hills, Queens

Forest Hills, Queens

Forest Hills, Queens

Forest Hills, Queens

Forest Hills, Queens

Forest Hills, Queens
Forest Hills, Queens

On Friday afternoon I arrived at LaGuardia and for the first time EVER was picked up. Every other time I’ve flown back & forth to NY I’ve taken a cab or a shuttle to/from the airport. Jess & Dave still had the car they were renting for their trip to Cape Cod earlier in the week so they were nice enough to come get me.

Friday night was low-key. We hung out in Forest Hills, where they live; ate some Indian food, which I haven’t had since moving; had some beers; and went to Cold Stone Creamery. Forest Hills is much different than the image that I had in my head. It’s completely gentrified with Sephora and Banana Republic chain stores and has a ton of little stores, restaurants, and bars. It’s really nice, but too bad it’s so far out in Queens.

On Saturday Jess and I got manicures and pedicures at one of the many nail shops in Forest Hills. Afterwards we took a walk around the neighborhood. It’s odd how just a few blocks off Austin Street, the main drag, there are cobblestone streets and tons of Tudor architecture.

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