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Hawaii Day 9: A Day in Waimanalo

June 14th, 2014 · No Comments


In the morning we went to the beach in Waimanalo. Such a pretty beach! Expansive white sand beach, deep teal water, tall ironwood trees, magnificent pali. Billy, Dallas and Damien did a lot of body surfing and body boarding. I hung back with Makai in a cozy shady spot. I had him by the water, but a wave splashed up in his face and he was kind of cranky after that. I think he had salt water in his sinuses because his nose was running like crazy. He still had fun playing a bit in the sand.


For lunch we went to Keneke’s for plate lunches. I got he pork adobo, which I’d never had before and really liked.


In the late afternoon we went to check out Sea Life Park. I had kind of mixed feelings about this place when I researched it before going (Blackfish guilt), but decided to go anyway because Ging had free passes. We went kind of late in the day and the park had already shut down a bunch of the attractions. Kind of a bummer. And the park is pretty small and kind of run down. Dallas said it’s been around since he was a kid. Luckily we got in for almost free or I might have felt ripped off. Also, to counterbalance some guilt, I was happy to find out that Sea Life Park is involved in conservation efforts, “including the release of adolescent green sea turtles that were hatched and raised at the park, hundreds of which are released into the wild each year.”


My favorites: the honu (green sea turtles). Damien liked these too. There was a guy in the pool to do some clean up and Damien was telling him how he should do things. The guy was very patient but I had to giggle when I overheard him saying “oh yeh? maybe I’ll try it that way next time.” Damien is destined to be a leader. Of something.


Across the street at Makapu’u Beach, we went to check out the tide pools. Damien ran all around looking for crabs and things in the water. Hoku did too, with the help of Ging. I walked around a bit, taking in the scenery, while Dallas stayed back with Makai. The big island across the way and in the Sea Life Park photos is Manana, most commonly referred to as “Rabbit Island.”

For dinner, Billy met up with all of us in Hawaii Kai at Kona Brewing. I think this is the third location we’ve eaten at (also in Kona on the Big Island and in the airport).

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Kona Brewing at Whole Foods

March 14th, 2013 · 1 Comment


Spotted this a few weeks ago!

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Kona Brewing in Chicago!

February 12th, 2013 · No Comments

photo via @RiverNorthBeer.

I think it was around December time when I saw a truck like the one above rolling around in Chicago’s Loop. Of course this caught my eye! We always drink Kona Brewing beer when we’re in Hawaii, we’ve been to the brewery on the Big Island and even had their beer at our wedding (Fire Rock Pale Ale).


The sighting kind of slipped my mind until this past weekend. Dallas and I decided to go to Lillie’s Q for lunch and I saw on the menu there that they had the Koko Brown. I had to order it just because I could. Dallas warned me that was our least favorite beer in their lineup, and I totally agree, but !!!! Kona Brewing!!!! In Chicago!!!! Looking forward to seeing some of our favorite Kona Brewing beers in the Chicago area! Be on the lookout! Oh, and as you can see, Dallas chose the Revolution Brewing beer, which is a good Chicago choice and only recently became available at other bars, besides the Rev Brew pub.


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