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Chicagoist 10 Year Anniversary Party

October 27th, 2014 · No Comments

Pre-gaming at Gold Star. Julene, Chuck, Rachelle, Justin, Shannon, Erin, Scott, Mike, Margaret, Kevin, Matt. Not pictured: Jim, Michelle, Sam. (Photo by Chuck)

@Emporium Wicker Park

Chuck’s opening remarks.

Q: How many selfies can one take in a night? A: Lots!

With Jen, of Gothamist

With Andrew, of Gapers Block

This logo is burned in my brain.

Don’t ask!

Chicagoist 10 Year Anniversary Party: The night was EPIC.

– Reconnecting with friends with whom you used to spend every waking moment with either in person or online
– Special guests from New York City
– Hours of free drinks
– Reenacting scandalous 8-year-old photos
– Free Chicagosit merch
– Sending your husband home early
– Endless selfies
– Shots of Fireball that you only discovered you bought (three rounds!) when you find the Fireball soaked receipt in your purse the next day
– Flash Taco (enough said)
– Stolen burritos
– Losing things in the bushes next to your front stoop
– Having to wake the entire household, including your in-laws, because you don’t have your keys
– Finding random things in your pants pockets while doing laundry the next day

I don’t know how 10 years has gone by! I still remember moving to Chicago 10 years ago and Jen and Jake pitching the thought of “starting a site like Gothamist but for Chicago.” I still remember meeting my co-founder, Margaret, at the Starbucks in 444 N. Michigan. And meeting our first two writers at Handlebar and drinking super cheap-o Schlitz. Time flies! People change (we’re going to have a Chicagoist playdate soon), but people are fundamentally the same. I need to be better about getting out and seeing everyone!


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Colleen and Kevin’s Wedding

May 26th, 2013 · No Comments

Cocktails outside of the New England Aquarium.

Reception area.

Rob, Michaela, Colleen, Laura & Dallas. These guys all became good friends while working at CDM in Boston. I don’t think any one still works there. Heck, only two of these people still live in the Boston area!

Mark & Machaela.

Rob & Dallas.

Rob & Kristin.

Dallas & Rachelle

Rachelle & Dallas. (Thanks to Laura for the cute photo!)

Laura, Drew, Marina & Zach.

The wedding band.

Last weekend we were in Boston for Colleen and Kevin’s wedding. Colleen is an old friend of Dallas’s from when he used to live in Boston. The wedding was so much fun! So great to see so many old friends, the wedding food was soooo delicious and the band was fantastic! The band in the video above is playing to an empty dance floor because it was dinner time, but the dance floor not long after was packed! There was barely a person sitting down all night. What fun! And what a pretty setting, at the New England Aquarium. Congratulations to Colleen and Kevin!

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CHIRP Presents The First Time: First Date

November 23rd, 2011 · No Comments

Jocelyn of CHIRP (and formerly of Chicagoist)

Jason Crock of CHIRP

Jackie Schimmel of Not Ready for Naptime Players

Tony Breed of Finn & Charlie are Hitched

Kyra Kyles of Kyles Files

Georg Coleman of Worst Cook in America

Megan Stielstra of 2nd Story and Everyone Remain Calm

Kevin Robinson of Chicagoist

Kevin Robinson


Last Wednesday, Jess and I went to an event at Beat Kitchen called The First Time: First Date. It was part of a reading series with a “First Time” theme. There previously was First High, First Car and First Job. It was $10 and all the proceeds benefitted the Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP).

I always had friends reading and attending these events, but I hadn’t ever been able to go to go in the past. This time I knew Kevin, who read, and Jocelyn, who coordinated the event for CHIRP. I also saw Chuck there. All of these people I know from my Chicagoist days.

The event was really fun. Each person wrote an essay based on the theme “The First Time: First Date” and could interpret it however they wanted. Each reading was so thoughtful and funny. At then end of each essay a live band played a song the reader chose to accompany their piece. And so it went reading, song, reading, song, etc. Loved the format. The songs were so great. Many times hilarious, what each reader chose to go with their reading. The band was called The First Time and consisted of Steve Frisbie, Liam Davis, and Gerald Dowd. I thought these guys were familiar then I realized that Jocelyn interviewed them for Chicagoist way back in 2005 (Part 1, Part 2)!

The next event is scheduled for Wedsnesday, January 25 an I’m really going to try to go again because I had so much fun. Also, for all my years I lived in Roscoe Village, I never once went to Beat Kitchen. I don’t know how that could be. It’s only a block or two from where Jen & Chad live. In fact, I was hanging out with Jen and Limey and Quinn there before heading over to the event.

** Note: I didn’t get any photos of the band performing because my camera battery was about to die any second and I was trying to save it to take photos of Kevin, the last reader! And at least one photo of every other reader. I put my backup battery in and guess what? Dead. The band are the guys sitting in the background of each photo. I felt kind of bad for them because everyone was staring at them the whole time whether they were performing or not. Ha! Anyway, I didn’t think the photos came out half bad, given that I was just quick snapping one off then turning my camera off. And also because we were at a weird angle, front row seating.

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