Our Anniversary Dinner at Parachute

On Saturday night my parents came down to babysit and Dallas and I went out to dinner at Parachute, a trendy Korean and American spot in Avondale that I’ve been hearing about for a long time. The buzz is loud (last year Parachute was a finalist for the 2015 James Beard “Best New Restaurant” award and this year they earned a Michelin Star.) and the reservations weren’t easy, but we got in.

I had talked to Bryan ahead of time about what to order and without hesitation he said “the bread,” which was like “really??,” but I have to say, the bread was AMAZING. It was perfectly crispy on the outside and so soft and rich, filled with potatoes, scallions, and bacon on the inside. The smear was sour cream butter! I also really loved the pork belly and mung bean pancake topped with kimchi, garlic, an egg and pineapple. Everything was good. Dallas loved the house pickles and the super briny oysters. The squid was soft and perfectly cooked, the broiled monkfish was super decadent. By the time we got to the bi bim bap, we realized we over ordered. The bi bim bap was great and served traditionally in a hot stone bowl, just the way we like it, but there was no way we were finishing it, let alone getting dessert!

We enjoyed our meal a lot. And it was cool to see Beverly Kim, the chef/owner walking around and helping out wherever needed, refilling water and whatnot. Our server was very attentive and super nice.

After dinner we met up with Kelly, Todd, Brian and Sara at Sparrow in the Gold Coast. I spotted this sign there. I liked Sparrow, it was a fancy, cozy cocktail bar.

Then we headed to meet even more friends at The Betty in the Fulton Market District.

Valentine’s Day

img_1385.jpg Makai and Dallas got a cool pop out card and a M&Ms candies toy fan from me. Then Dallas took us to the Radler for brunch with Josh, Liz and Konrad. Our pretzel was in a heart shape!

img_1397.jpgimg_1403.jpg After brunch we all went to Brian and Sara’s house. Todd and Kelly were there with their new baby chihuahua, Chapo. Makai loved him, especially when Chapo licked his face! He was so tiny! He only weighs 24 ounces!


IMG_1212_edit_600IMG_1209_edit_600IMG_1234_edit_600IMG_1236_edit_600IMG_1239_edit_600IMG_6867_edit_600IMG_7937_collage_edit_600IMG_8006_edit_600For Makai’s second birthday, we did a joint party with Trent and Loden, whose daughter Ellyza turned two just days before Makai. Loden set up an awesome ball pit, I did Daniel Tiger decorations and a coloring activity. The guys bought beer and we split decorating, food and the cost of renting the party room behind Four Treys.
IMG_7914_collage_edit_600IMG_1230_collage_edit_600IMG_7990_edit_600IMG_8002__collage_edit_600I made cupcakes and tiger tails (pretzels dipped in candy coating and drizzled with chocolate) for desserts. Makai got really upset when we were singing happy birthday. I think just because so many people crowded around. It’s his party, he can cry if he wants to!

IMG_7958_edit_600IMG_7975_edit_600Makai and Ellyza also really enjoyed these blow outs!

IMG_1246_edit_collage_editIMG_8004_edit_600When I was getting party supplies at Party City, I spent enough money that I could get a free pinata, which was good and bad! All of the big bags of pinata candy were things that a two-year old couldn’t eat, so I ended up picking up some things I knew Makai and Ellyza would like: chocolate covered raisins, fruit snacks and chocolate marshmallow candy. The kids took turns hitting the pinata but at the end we just pulled the ribbons on the bottom to make the candy fall out. And then I was mocked ridiculously because all the adults saw raisins fall out!


IMG_7979_edit_600IMG_8014_edit_600IMG_8022_edit_600IMG_8025_edit_600IMG_8039_edit_600IMG_8050_edit_600sunglasses_edit_600We had a great turn out for the party and a good mix of kids and friends without kids. Everyone had a great time. Brian DJed for us and Todd surprised us by wearing a custom shirt with Makai’s picture on it! I was happy that my entire immediate family made it to the party, even if none of Dallas’s could, and also that so many friends came to celebrate.

IMG_8018_edit_600IMG_8171_edit_600IMG_8173_edit_600After the party, a bunch of our childless friends went to Riverview to play darts. We also went because we needed to eat and joined a bunch of our friends with kids for dinner. It was nice that we could all be in the same place.

IMG_7908_edit_600IMG_7905_edit_600IMG_8156_edit_600IMG_8170_edit_600At home we celebrated and may parents and brother gave Makai gifts. After everyone left we also gave Makai our gifts from mommy and daddy. Makai is really getting the hang of presents and getting excited about them. At daycare all the kids made a huge birthday card for Makai.