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CHIRP Presents The First Time: First City

July 24th, 2012 · No Comments

Jenn-Anne Gledhill and Mare Swallow

Wendy Mateo and Jennifer Lizak

Mary Ralph and Samantha Abernethy

Jocelyn Geboy and Gerald Dowd

Liam Davis and Steve Frisbie

Last week Jess, Sara, Chris and I went to the CHIRP event, The First Time: First City at Beat Kitchen. Like the last few times (1, 2, 3), we had so much fun! This was the first time I went to an event in this series and I didn’t know any of the readers, but I did see and get to catch up with a bunch of my former Chicagoist cohorts – Chuck, Jocelyn, Matt, Jim, and Marcus.

Sara and I met up early and ate outside. Surprisingly, Beat Kitchen has super tasty salads, many to choose from, lots of fresh ingredients. The weather was just right, we were in the shade and there was a breeze. Then we headed in a few minutes early to make sure we could get a seat for the show.

As always, all of the essays were great. Anyone who gets up on stage and reads what they write has more guts than I do. I especially liked Jennifer Lizak’s essay about Chicago and how many generations of her family have lived in the city. After each essay the band plays a song of the essayist’s choosing. The band is so talented. That night they played everything from hip hop to country and western. For real. They played “Homecoming” with Gerald doing the Kanye West rap parts and Steve doing the Chris Martin singing parts. And Gerald showed off his diversity again when he sang the lead for “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” by David Allan Coe. I also liked when they played “Chicago Slow Down” by the local band Canasta. Check out their awesome video for the song below:

The event was $10 and all proceeds went to benefit CHIRP. Follow CHIRP’s Facebook page to make sure you get alerted when the next event is planned! You won’t want to miss it.

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April 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Yesterday, through a series of blog links, I discovered Estelle, a British hip-hop artist, singer and producer. I listened to a lot of her music on Hype Machine. This song she did with Kanye West called American Boys (video above) was a big hit in the UK.

While I’m not laying in bed with a 102 degree fever like I was the week before last, my cold is still lingering around. I wish it would just go away already.

I had dinner with Cinnamon and Erin last night, which was a great, relaxing time. I’ve known Erin for years, but we don’t get together enough. I’ve known of Cinnamon for years and have had quite a few online interactions with her, but this was one of the first times we hung out. I think there will be more times. We had tasty Thai food and lots and lots of girly talk that spanned from technology to careers to boys. All the good stuff.

And speaking of boys, mine is finally coming home tonight after being in Vancouver, Seattle and Calgary since a week before last Monday. Home for one night then he’s off to Puerto Rico til May 5. World traveler, he is. I miss him!

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John Legend & Corinne Bailey Rae

February 27th, 2007 · 7 Comments

2007_02_corinnebaileyrae.jpgBefore her 2007 Grammy performance with John Legend and John Mayer, I’d heard of Corinne Bailey Rae and heard just little bits of her music, but I didn’t really pay attention. After that performance (watch it here), I got her album and have been listening to it a ton. I love it. Just try to tell me that this is not a catchy-ass song.

Rewind a couple years. I was sitting in my home office when I lived in East Ukrainian Village and I had the TV on the VH1 Countdown for some background noise. A song came on and it immediately caught my attention. The lyrics and melody and style were so simple and honest and maybe it just struck me at that point I was at in my life at the time, but I really was fighting tears right there. The artist was John Legend. The song? Ordinary People (watch John Legend’s 2006 Grammy performance of Ordinary People here). I remember I bought the song on the iTunes music store right away and then I had Dallas get me the album. It took a while, but we both started listening to it and loving it. John Legend quickly became a 2007_02_johnlegend.jpgfavorite of ours. We sing his songs around the house, to each other, under our breath when we’re not paying attention, on the train on our iPods. When his second album came out we got it right away. We’ve also seen his live performance at Royal Albert Hall in London at least twice on TV (you can view clips of it here).

Fast forward back to present day. Last week I got a Jam Productions email that John Legend and Corinne Bailey Rae were going to be performing together at the Chicago Theater on April 13. !!! Last week Saturday Dallas and I were sort of hungover but not so much so that I couldn’t get up, get my laptop and my credit card and get back in bed to order tickets when they went on sale. So excited! And, I was wondering if, since John Legend and Kanye West are buddies and have worked together a lot and because Kanye sings on John Legend’s song Number One …. we were wondering if, since Kanye is from Chicago… maybe he’d make an appearance? That would be awesome. He showed up for that show in London (see it here) and the crowd went crazy. That would be the icing on the already sweet sweet cake.

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