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Nineteen Years and Just Like It Was Yesterday!

October 5th, 2013 · No Comments


On Friday, Dallas and I met up with Dallas’s friend Matt, who he had not seen for NINETEEN years! Ever since graduation parties after they graduated high school. For most people, if you hadn’t seen someone for nineteen years, you wouldn’t even bother, but if there’s one thing I learned about Kamehameha Schools, it’s that everyone who went there is friends for life. Especially those who boarded together, away from their friends and families, for years.

Dallas has told me stories of Matt and his wife, who was also in their class at Kamehameha Schools, so it was nice to finally meet him. We met up for dinner at Chicago Cut, one of Dallas’s favorite Chicago steakhouses, for a nice dinner. .. probably my last splurge meal before the baby is born. Matt still hangs out with a lot of Hawaiians where he lives in Portland and I could tell right away because of his pidgin, but by the time we ordered our appetizers, Dallas was right there too.

After dinner, I sleepily headed home with an overstuffed belly, but Dallas and Matt met up with friends downtown for a late night of drinking and reminiscing. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Matt and his wife again next year at their 20 year Kamehameha Schools high school reunion! If not, I’m hoping that it will not be another 19 years before we see Matt again!

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Out With Kamehameha Friends at Aloha Beer Company and Imua Lounge

November 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

Aloha Beer Company

Aloha Beer Company beer sampler.

Monte, Nalani, Alika, Donovan, BJ, Dallas

The day we arrived in Oahu we got our rental car, checked into our hotel room, changed and then met up with Dallas’s friends from Kamehameha Schools at Aloha Beer Company. This new brew pub just opened a few months ago, so it was fun to check it out. And fun to see old friends, of course!!!! So much to catch up on! A new baby for Alika, Donovan and Healoha are now engaged! After trying out all of the beer (literally, I had the sampler) and grinding on some Hawiian pupus, we decided to head to Imua Lounge.

Healoha heading into Imua Lounge

Monte doing the Monte thing.

Dallas singing Bust a Move, with Donovan and Healoha.

Hawaiian Language Karaoke.

Imua Kamehameha!

Going to Imua Lounge was either the best idea in the world or the worst. Actually, Healoha ordered a vodka drink and then we all did.. and that was probably the worst idea in the world. This night was definitely the most I drank all vacation and I totally felt it the next day! Imua Lounge is completely decked out in Kamehameha Schools pennants and memorabilia, including a huge sign with the entire fight song spelled out on it. And everyone there was a Kamehameha Schools alum. I was talking to some guys that weren’t even with us and they each told me the year they graduated. New grads, old grads, but all grads.

Imua Lounge had some crazy karaoke action, which would explain even more why Monte wanted to go there :). This was not your ordinary karaoke. Everyone in there was SOOO good. Really good. But Monte still made Dallas sing Young MC’s Bust a Move. The karaoke was available both in English and in Hawaiian, and not only that, but one guy sang in Samoan! Fun fun night. We definitely do not get to see these guys enough!

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Imua Kamehameha

October 8th, 2012 · No Comments

Clearing out some super old posts that I had sitting here in WordPress… I found this link I saved way back in 2009 and never did anything with. I Mua Kamehameha is the fight song of Kamehameha Schools, where Dallas attended junior high and high school. Click to listen:

Imua Kamehameha

I heard this song a ton back in 2009 when Dallas and I were on Oahu attending events for his 15 year class reunion.

And if you’re wondering about the translation, I got this from the Kamehameha Schools site:

Imua, Kamehameha ē Forward Kamehameha
A lanakila ‘oe Until you have gained the victory
Paio, paio like mau Go forward, strive, strive in unity
I ola kou inoa. That your name may live.
Ka wā nei hō‘ike a‘e ‘oe Go forward
‘A ‘ohe lua ou. This is the time for you to reveal
E lawe lilo ka ha‘aheo That there is none to compare with you
No Kamehameha ē. Take the victory with pride for Kamehameha

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