Hawaii Day 12: Fishing in Waimea Valley

FullSizeRender-2In the morning we flew from Honolulu, Oahu to Lihue, Kauai. In the Honolulu airport we had a somewhat boozy breakfast. We were going to spend the rest of our vacation on Kauai with Dallas’s parents. We got our rental car and drove to Waimea. Dallas’s mom was out shopping, but Dallas’s dad loaded us back in the car to drive down to Waimea Valley for some fishing!

img_4437.jpg img_4468.jpg img_4471.jpg img_4462.jpg img_4475.jpg FullSizeRender-3Family friends Jane and Linko were fishing with their grandson “Junior”, who is almost exactly Makai’s age. Junior caught so many fish! Linko was just sitting there taking them off the hook and throwing them back in. Makai was not really patient enough, but I took a short turn and caught a small fish!
img_4489.jpgBack at home Makai took a nap. I drove over to Kauai Coffee to sample the goods and buy gifts for myself and others :). I got a fancy frozen blended coffee dessert drink and sat on the patio to relax. I was overlooking some of the gorgeous coffee bushes. While I was sitting there I noticed a Facebook message from a guy in Hawaii with my same last name. He was mutual friends with BJ and Nalani and had liked a photo I posted from their house a few nights before. He reached out to say that our name is not very popular in the islands. Turns out that the guy was Dallas’s dorm advisor! He was a wrestling coach and teacher at Kamehameha. Crazy. We chatted for a while and then I finished my drink and went home. Super chill night. We just took it easy on our travel day!

Hawaii Day 10: Visiting Kamehameha Friends

I can’t remember why I went back to Shima’s market again, but I did, and that is where I bought some apple bananas. They were grown locally in Waimanalo and when I brought them home, Makai scarfed one down, then asked for another, and then the other kids attacked the rest. They were gone in minutes!

img_4146.jpgimg_4144.jpgFullSizeRender-6 FullSizeRender-5 img_4126.jpgimg_4108.jpgimg_4142.jpgI decided to stop in to this spot that I kept on passing by. I didn’t even know what it was before I decided to check it out. The Waimanalo Market Co-Op. This place was filled with local produce, food, arts, jewelry and clothing. Everything in the store is locally grown or made, and 80% of the farmers from the Waimanalo community. I bought a jar of Macadamia Nut Honey Coconut Peanut Butter, made by North Shore Goodies, and some earrings made of puka shell and pearl, made by Waimanalo Wahine Sea Jewels. The peanut butter is A-MAZE-ING and I love the earrings. I’ve worn them a ton of times already. I also really liked some jewelry made by Maile Girl Designs, but didn’t buy any. In the back of the co-op they had an area where they were making fresh poke and other local food.

img_4122.jpg img_4118.jpg img_4124.jpgimg_4136.jpgAcross the parking lot, I stopped in at ‘Ai Love Nalo, a vegan restaurant. Ging had told me about this place and their amazing food. She especially likes the veggie laulau. I didn’t have the time to get food, but I did get some iced Kona coffee with coconut milk and some iced tea.

cropped-img_4154.jpgWhen I got back, Dallas, Makai and I went up to the Punalu’u to see our friend, Hoku, Dallas’s classmate from Kamehameha Schools. Hoku lives in a guest house outside a beach house that has been in his family for generations. He’s so close to the water that when the waves get rough they splash onto his patio doors! I’d love to go to bed listening to the waves every night.

FullSizeRender-7FullSizeRender-4FullSizeRender-1 img_4164.jpgWhen we arrived we were all pretty hungry, so the first thing we did was go get lunch. I had garlic shrimp and it was SO GOOD. A week later on the trip I was still thinking about it! And wouldn’t you know… we got it at a tiny kitchen with a window in the back of a convenience store! The store is Kaya’s and the tiny window restaurant is 2 Bald Guys. SOOOO good.

img_4173.jpgimg_4169.jpgimg_4167.jpgBack at the house, Makai had so much fun playing with Hoku’s ukulele! Everywhere we went on this vacation, he pointed out ukulele’s, so we, of course, had to get him one!

img_4180.jpg Hoku has a big dog named Zen Boy and Makai got to meet one of his baby relatives!

img_4183.jpgimg_4181.jpgimg_4200.jpgimg_4195.jpgDallas, Hoku and Makai (and Zen Boy) went swimming right outside Hoku’s house.

img_4202.jpg FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-2Though we were having fun chilling out at Hoku’s house, we had another party to get to, so we ran to Whole Foods in Kailua and then to Billy and Ging’s to shower and then to Red Hill at BJ and Nalani’s house. We brought a gorgeous chocolate and raspberry torte, poke, purple sweet potatoes, Mehana Brewing’s Volcano Red Ale, and Cabo Chip’s elote flavored tortilla chips (they were SO delicious!).

cropped-img_4212.jpgimg_4214.jpgAt the party there was soooooo much food! Standouts: Racie brought saimin, kalbi and katsu from somewhere in Kaneohe, where she lives, and Nalani got poi malasadas from Kamehameha Bakery! Oh, and Ku’ulei brought homemade brownies that were hot out of the oven!

img_4247.jpgimg_4255.jpgimg_4257.jpgMakai had so much fun playing with all the kids, both big kids and little kids! This party sure was different than our parties a few years ago!

FullSizeRender Trying to take a photo of the kids was nearly impossible! Especially with the youngest – Kaneoa, Ka’io and Makai – at the end! Big kids did good – Raycen, Rustyn, Pakamia, and Li’ua.

img_4245.jpgThe kids did a little better when their parents joined! Racie with Raycen and Rustyn, BJ and Nalani with Kanehoa, Ku’ulei (Ty not pictured) with Pakamia, Donovan (Healoha not pictured) with Ka’io, and Dallas (me not pictured) with Makai.

Hawaii Day 12: Kamehameha Schools Alumni Luau


Dallas’s parents went out to breakfast and to buy even MORE baby formula. Makai stayed home with us and got another sink bath. Dallas had this leftover “local” sushi for breakfast. It’s made with egg and canned tuna.


After breakfast, me and Makai and Kathy went on a walk around Waikiki. SO many people stopped us to say how cute Makai is or to talk about his big cheeks! We took a photo by the Duke Kahanamoku, the famous swimmer and surfer, and by Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, who set up Kamehameha Schools. Her husband also set up the Bishop Museum in her memory. (We visited in 2005.

After our walk we went back to the condo to get ready. Dallas’s parents left quite a while before us to go to Kamehameha Schools because Dallas’s dad had to get his class photo earlier. Each class has a time they have to be there to get the class photo taken. It was Dallas’s dad’s 50 year reunion and Dallas’s 20th.


Since we had extra time, we went to visit Aunty Mary. She is actually Dallas’s great aunt, his grandma’s sister. Dallas’s grandma passed away a couple years ago and Aunty Mary is the only sibling left. I was impressed with her independence, health and sharp wit! I hope we can all stay this healthy as we get older! Makai was sleeping when we arrived at her house and stayed sleeping after we were there a while. When he woke up he snuggled up to Aunty in her lap for quite a while. So cute!


The view from Aunty Mary’s house in Manoa Valley. Aunty Mary lives on her own mostly. He husband passed away recently and her granddaughter lives in an apartment downstairs, but she is very self sufficient.


Next we headed to Kamehameha Schools for the alumni luau. We heard there were 1500 people there and that for every one person in attendance there were three more people who couldn’t get tickets! The youngest alumni there graduated five years ago. The oldest was a 98-year-old woman who was from the class of 30-something.


Dallas dropped us off and went to park the car and then get his class photo taken. Makai and I browsed around this area where they had some people selling things. I bought a really nice necklace and earrings made from sea glass and sea shells. I tried to rock Makai to sleep during the opening band’s performance but people kept coming up to us to see Makai and talk to him!


There were so many pupus like pickled Maui onion, limu salad, boiled peanuts, poke, edamame, and my favorite, smoked meat. I really like the onions too and ended up buying some at the supermarket later on! For our actual meal, we had kalua pig, chicken long rice, squid luau, lomi salmon, poke, poi, and rice. I didn’t want my poi, so Makai ate it all. And a few other people saved theirs so that he could eat it for the next few days!


For entertainment there were a lot of bands and comedians. Each class was called out and they had to do a dance at their tables. Class of ’94 won, I think! (I’m not allowed to post any photos or video of that, but just know they do exist!). Ekolu is a pretty famous Hawaiian band that played. And Touch of Gold played a lot of crowd favorites and oldies. Dallas’s mom took Makai to the dance floor to dance with him, but the swaying made him want to fall asleep. Even though there was a live band a few feet away!


At around 8 p.m., Dallas’s parents took Makai back to the condo to eat and go to bed. We stuck around and the party continued until 9:30, way past when it was supposed to. No one could remember an alumni luau where so many people were dancing! And they wouldn’t stop! Dallas’s classmate was doing the sound and lighting and kept playing all the Class of ’94 favorite songs. While others were trying to break down tables and clean up, Class of ’94 just kept dancing!


Oh, and before I forget, we also got these photos taken in the “photo booth.”


After the party we went back to the dorms again. Someone had a couple of ukuleles and a guitar and there was a lot of playing and singing. So many of Dallas’s classmates are in Hawaiian bands that have been nominated for Na Hoku awards like Kekoa in Holunape and Kalehua in Hi’ikua. We stayed out late, dropped Hoku off in Diamond Head, made a late-night run to Jack in the Box, and got home around 2:30 a.m. What a fun day/night!