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Fiona’s First Birthday

February 27th, 2012 · No Comments

Fiona’s Birthday Cake

She was definitely interested!

While all the cake-cutting action was going on, she was stuffing her face with cake! So cute.

Steve & Raiden

Bradley University Classmates: Killian, Kristin, Eric, Dallas, Suzi, Steve (with Fiona)

Raiden again. He’s so cute.

Eric & Suzi’s baby, Kal. He is about one and a half and all over the place. Hard to get a photo!

Fiona was born on our wedding day and right away we told Killian and Liz that we’d never forget how old she is, but we also might never be able to go to her birthday parties! Well, they pulled a switcheroo and had her birthday party on Saturday evening instead of Sunday, so we were able to attend. A bunch of Dallas’s classmates from college, Killian being one of them, were at the party and it was nice to visit with them. Also, Killian and Liz just moved into a beautiful new place and it was good to finally see it. Fiona loved her cake, which was from Dinkel’s (the best! I got Dallas a birthday cake there once).

Keeping with the birthday theme, after Fiona’s birthday party, we went out for dinner at Fork for Kristin’s birthday. By the way, we really liked that place. Delicious food and pretty reasonably priced, too.

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