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Joe Moreno wants us to know he fixed our streets.

January 20th, 2015 · No Comments


This was from last year. Our street was awful. Really difficult to drive on. And then one day it was fixed. Apparently with funds from outside of our ward. (We’re in Ward 35Rey Colon).

Update: Thanks to Kevin’s sleuthing, I figured out that the city’s ward lookup site is wrong. I am in Ward 1, Alderman Moreno’s ward.

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What’s The Haps In Logan Square

September 17th, 2012 · 12 Comments

Every time I walk around Logan Square there’s something new happening. Here are a few photos from a few recent walks. First, from the end of August:

I noticed Galerie F on Milwaukee Avenue, just south of Fullerton. According to their website they “specializes in silkscreen gig posters, art prints, and street art are open to the public six days a week, no appointment necessary.”

This was already on my radar, but I noticed a few weeks ago that Chicago Diner has papered up the windows with “Something Veggie This Way Comes” which always makes me get this Jakob Dylan song in my head. Chicago Diner is a vegan restaurant that has been in Lakeview for almost 30 years. This will be its second location and it’s in the old Logan Square Kitchen space.

From a mid-September walk:

I noticed this teal blue building renovation back in 2010 and speculated that was where Jam was going to go. Well, we know that’s not true, because Jam opened on the Boulevard. The building has been empty, as far as I can tell, for two years, but now there is a sign saying that Suite 25, an ultra sports lounge (?), is opening. Not sure what to make of this place.

Dos de Oro is going out of business. Big sales, everything must go. Maybe time for me to get a pair of kickass cowboy boots? Also? I think this place used to be called La Casa del Vaquero, and used to have some crazy stuffed buffalo, horse and ostriches in the windows a few years back. Wonder what happened.

The Loft Bar is not necessarily new. Dallas and I noticed it a few months back. I find it odd that I can barely find anything about it online. It’s pretty much in the car wash, the way that the Philly’s Best is right there too. Anyone know anything?

I keep hearing about Orchestra Hall lately. I think it just opened not too long ago. I guess it’s a recording studio + performance space + they have classes?

Late in August, I heard that the old Max Gerber showroom was being demolished. By the time I went over to take a look, it was pretty much gone.

Later on in September, all that’s left now is a green fence around an empty lot.

I contacted Alderman Joe Moreno to find out what was going on. All he would say is that “The owner has decided to take the building down for security and financial reasons… There is no immediate plan to build at the location yet.” I could give you a whole list of things I’d like to see there, but the #1 request is a supermarket!

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