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Matt & Molly’s Wedding Dinner & Reception

June 21st, 2008 · No Comments

Nametags were hung outside the tent on a split-rail fence. When you located your tag you found out what what table you were sitting at. We were at lucky table #13.

Molly’s reaction to Matt’s dinner speech where he thanked everyone and especially honored Molly.

First Dance

A backlit DJ Joe Cool

Sarah, Adrian, Rachelle

Adrian’s Fiance Charlie, Sarah

Tom, Maureen

Bo, Sarah

Outside Looking In

Under the Big Tent

As everyone gathered into the tent where the dinner and reception was to take place, it started to rain. And then pour. And then DJ Joe Cool had to unplug all of his equipment because it was thundering and lightening so much that he thought he was going to get electrocuted. Still, no one was really freaking out. They put some flaps down on the tent, threw some mulch down to soak up the rain and wiped off the soaked dance floor. The heavy rain only lasted for maybe 15 minutes, but it was enough to drench a lot of the ground for the whole night. One good thing that came out of it was that it wasn’t just the really drunk people who fell down, everyone was slipping and sliding and had mud on them. There was one particular stretch of grass under the tent that was referred to as “Woodstook.” Unfortunately, that’s where my seat for dinner was located! The most muddy were the guys who decided to try to break dance. And probably Bo who tried many times to do a head spin.

I don’t want to put too much emphasis on the rain, though. It was a part of the night, sure, but no one was really too bothered by it. We all drank and sang and danced the night away without a care. DJ Joe Cool played until 1 a.m., an hour longer than most weddings go, I think. Which could explain how sloppy things got at the end.

I heard that DJ Joe Cool was well known in the area as being the best DJ. A lot of people at the wedding love him. In fact, Anne, one of the bridesmaids, lives in France and got married there.. and she flew DJ Joe Cool out to play at her wedding. Apparently people in her circle of friends in France still talk about him and what a great time they had. I thought DJ Joe Cool was pretty good. Kind of old school. Playing CDs. There was one part of the night where people were kind of annoyed because things like The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy From Company B should have been played at like 7 pm, not 11 pm, when a lot of the older folks had already left, but overall we had fun. He played a really diverse selection of music, although I think a lot of people would have preferred some more modern tunes. Then again, people were going crazy when he busted out 80’s. Also when he played Pour Some Sugar on me at like 12:30 am, people went ballistic. Followed up by some Guns n’ Roses? Joe Cool knew how to read and please a crowd.

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