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Game of Phones

July 17th, 2014 · No Comments


A while back…. ok, a LONG while back, just before we went to Hawaii (!!!!)…. I went and saw Game of Phones. Alden was on the writing team, so I went to check it out at the Second City theater with Jess and Chris and Sara. It was really good! Funny. And not like one long story, but more like quick bits on pop culture, and especially on our relationship with technology. Afterwards we had some drinks with the cast and crew and I liked hearing the kind of behind-the-scenes stuff from Alden. How they wrote, how they decided what to write, what made it into the show, how they casted, etc. So interesting.

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Enjoying Our First Parents Night Out

July 13th, 2014 · No Comments


One Friday per month our daycare center gives you the option to leave your child there until 9:30 p.m. for $20. So that’s three extra hours at less than $7/hour. What a bargain! Dallas and I ended up going to Revolution Brewing with Adam. And then we headed over to the Whistler for a few fancy cocktails. Next was Analogue, where Andy, Jess, Chris, Mike and Todd met up with us. Analogue opened in December and I’d never been. I liked it. We only had drinks, so I can’t judge the food, but the drinks were super tasty. Makes sense, since two of the founders of this place are Violet Hour vets.

I felt a little bad that Makai was at daycare for 12 hours that night, but he was with one of his class teachers, so at least he had a familiar person to be with at night. And I’m sure he had fun with the kids… we sure had fun with our friends!

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Ranee’s Bachelorette Party

July 1st, 2014 · No Comments


The reason my parents were in town was to babysit for Makai so I could go out for Ranee’s bachelorette party (Dallas was in Vancouver for work). We took a dance class at Flirty Girl Fitness in Lincoln Park that was totally out of my comfort zone, but was really fun. Afterwards we walked a few blocks over and had dinner at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba, a popular Spanish tapas restaurant that I’d always heard about but had never been to. It was super good and we totally stuffed ourselves. And then after dinner we took a very interesting cab ride over to Wicker Park to drink and dance at Rodan, a bar that one of Ranee’s friends owns. I live really close to Wicker Park but it wasn’t until then that I realized I hadn’t been really out there at night for a long time! It was so fun. I could NOT dance any more but I enjoyed some tasty drinks and watching everyone else.

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