New York Odds and Ends

Just a few final images from my week in New York.

Pretty view from our office on the 45th floor. Williamsburg Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge.

This sculpture, entitled “
Red Cube,” by Isamu Noguchi is located in the plaza outside our office building.

Noguchi’s Red Cube has a hole in the center, angled down. When you look up into it you see our office building.

Also in the plaza are about a dozen food carts. In the morning they have breakfast offerings, but at lunch they mostly all switch to street meat/halal/middle eastern.

This looks disgusting, but it was delicious. I ordered chicken over rice and opted to get the white sauce, but not the hot sauce. They asked if I wanted chick peas and I said yes. I guess the salad and fries are extras. It reminded me of the cart that Jeannette and Yvan took us to a few years back, although that cart, 53rd and 6th is regarded as the best. I was wondering then if the photos were disgusting or delicious-looking. Ha.

My temporary badge on the first day had the worst photo.

On the second day there was no photo at all. Whew. I was afraid I’d be stuck with that terrible photo forever.

One morning I was getting ready for work at the hotel. I had Good Morning America on and when I looked up I saw Liz’s brother, Greg, was on, playing guitar with Joe Walsh.

If you ever think that the train stations in Chicago are looking shitty, just visit New York’s. West 4th isn’t even that bad. Some of them are so gross and leaking mystery liquids!

Had a couple mini black and whites, a favorite cookie that I hadn’t had for years.

I was so happy for Bagel Friday in the New York office because we had REAL bagels!

Kobeyaki had meh sushi. I realized right after I ordered that they seemed to be better known for their bowls and other things, but it was too late. Cute restaurant. I’d go back and order something else.

The World Trade Center was a block away from the office and I walked past it often. Interesting to see how the rebuilding is progressing.

This is One World Trade Center, formerly known as the Freedom Tower. When it is completed in 2013 it will be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and the third tallest building in the world.

I was walking around and was drawn to this sculpture/fountain, immediately recognizing it as the work of Jeff Koons, whose work I saw at the MCA a few years back.

Federal Hall National Monument was built in 1842 on the site of the old Federal Hall, which was built in 1700 as New York’s City Hall and was later the first capitol building of the United States and the site of George Washington’s inauguration.

The MetLife Tower glowed at sunset.

And at night too.

Going over the Brooklyn Bridge on the way to the airport.

Tuesdays Are Free @ MCA

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Admission to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) is free on Tuesdays thanks to Target. I really wanted to see the Jeff Koons exhibit so I decided to go on a free Tuesday. Which was why I was downtown to have lunch and yogurt and see the Apple Store line.

Jeff Koons is pretty famous, some say he is even “one of the most well-known and intriguing artists of the 20th century.” I think most people would recognize his porcelain statue of Michael Jackson and Bubbles .. just from a WTF standpoint when it debuted. His work is very contemporary, kitschy, pop-culture focused. I didn’t know much about his art before going.. just the Michael Jackson thing and that he did all these kinds of sculpture that look like balloons, but are made from steel. I’m still thinking about it and figuring out how I feel, but I was impressed with how many different mediums he uses – oil on canvas, stainless steel, marble, basketballs, porcelain, wood. And how he’s done a bunch of commercial work for Nike and Gordon’s and Frangelico. On the other end of the spectrum there was a whole section of his work that kids were not allowed into because they were very sexually graphic paintings.

I’m more of a fan of the Art Institute (which, btw, Koons studied there in 1975), but I still enjoy visiting MCA from time to time to try to stay current.