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McNulty’s Tea and Coffee

May 27th, 2012 · 1 Comment

While in New York Jess took us over to McNulty’s Rare Teas and Choice Coffees. This is a place that has been open since 1895, so 117 years! It’s tucked away on Christopher Street, near Hudson, and though I didn’t work or live far away, I don’t remember ever seeing it. What’s more, Jeannette was not familiar, and she usually knows about everything. Ted told me that he can remember coming into the city with his dad when he was a kid and they’d always go to McNulty’s to get coffee and then go next door to the tobacconist to pick up tobacco for his dad’s pipe. And now this is where Ted and Jess get all of their coffee. Pretty cool.

Inside McNulty’s is tiny, tiny, with walls lined from floor to ceiling with teas and coffee and all of the accessories needed to brew them. It reminded me a bit of Porto Rico, an old coffee store in a much more visible Bleecker street location. I’d visited this store a few times because it was just a couple blocks from my old apartment. Porto Rico is just about as old as McNulty’s but who doesn’t like to find the hidden gem on Christopher Street?

I picked a few things I wanted to try from the coffee menu. A Kona, a couple I had at Jess’s house and then the older man, the expert, behind the counter made a suggestion for me. I bought four half pound bags, which I thought was a good sampling. Can’t wait to dig into these new brews!

P.S. Yes, I did think of Jimmy every time we mentioned McNulty’s.

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Popbar Customizable Popsicles

May 26th, 2012 · No Comments

Popbar in the West Village

Inside is just a counter of popsicles and a space to pay.

Many different gelato, yogurt and sorbetto flavors.

Customizing the pop!

Peanut butter gelato pop with dark chocolate coating and hazelnuts.

Jeannette, Yvan, Jess

Rachelle, Jeannette, Jess

Nearby my old apartment there’s a new place called Popbar. The concept is so easy, but so unique. They have premade popcicles of many different flavors and ranging from gelato to yogurt to sorbetto. If your tastes are simple, you go in, buy a popsicle and call it a day. But the really fun (and delicious) part is customizing your popsicle.

Step 1: Choose your popsicle flavor.
Step 2: Choose a dip – dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate. Or a combination of the three!
Step 3: Choose a topping (or two, or more!) – almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, shredded coconut, granola, coffee grains, chocolate sprinkles (or jimmies, as Jess calls them).

I got the peanut butter gelato with a dark chocolate dip and hazelnut topping. So good. Nice tasty treat for a hot day.

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Brunch at Whitehall

May 25th, 2012 · No Comments

Whitehall Menu

Tien and Yvan. Not happy to be with 7 ladies at brunch?

Jeannette & Steph

Julie, Rachelle, Shannan

Poppseed scone. I like how the butter serving is as big as the pastry.

Whiskey french toast with grilled pineapple and vanilla mascarpone.

Jess and I didn’t realize we’d invited so many people to brunch on Sunday morning so on Saturday, we were in a bit of a scramble to find some place that could accomodate all nine of us. Luckily Whitehall, the third or fourth place we called, had no issues making the large reservation, at late notice, in the brunch prime time.* Jess said this place is pretty new**, so maybe they’re not totally slammed yet.

Whitehall has a bit of a British angle. Take, for example, the Old English Fry Up on the brunch menu, or the way the lady taking the reservation kept saying “Brilliant!”. I liked the mix of really rustic and really modern decor inside. The white tile and sunny day made everything bright and fresh, as did the fact that they had fresh flowers everywhere. They also had a great brilliant (!) cocktail selection. And I liked how they had the fresh, seasonal ingredients for the cocktails out on the bar and you could see them making each drink. I think our table probably sampled at least one of everything plus had coffee drinks all round. These were all delicious.

The brunch menu isn’t super huge, but it did have a lot of variance. The fruit and the watermelon were very light, the salad with poached egg seemed to be in the middle, the toastie or fry up were larger and more filling. I had the whiskey french toast with grilled pineapple and vanilla mascarpone and it was right in the middle. Satisfying, but not overly filling. Shannan, Yvan and I also split a scone just to try. Some people at the other half of our table ordered a couple and said they were amazing. Yes, I agree. Very good. Overall, a solid brunch choice. Good food, good service, good ambiance.

* I’ll not mention the name of the place that was all “Have you seen our dining room?” Uh, no, lady. As a matter of fact, I have not seen your dining room. They said they could only accomodate six people!

** Looks like they opened in November of last year.

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