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Jessica’s 10th Birthday

May 27th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Jessica & Ashley

Mom, dad, Ashley and Jessica playing bocce ball.

Pier Jumper soda by Big Bay Brewing (Shorewood, WI)

Steph, Mom, Jess, Richard and Amanda opening gifts from Japan.

Steph, Mom, Jess

Stephanie and her boyfriend Joey.

Richard and Brian putting together a telescope that Jess got as a gift.

Jessica, Joey, Stephanie, Nick, Karen

Elderly Shorty

Over the holiday weekend I went to Oak Creek for Jessica’s 10th birthday party. We grilled out and played yard games. The weather wasn’t as great as it could be, but it wasn’t terrible either. Jess requested brats and hamburgers, so my brother grilled those up. Dallas went to our friend’s lake house the day before and made up a bunch of Korean kalbi ribs. He gave us one bag to grill up and everyone seemed to like them. Jess got a ton of presents from Dallas and I, my parents, Brian and Sheila (and Ashley and Jason) and Amanda’s parents. I hadn’t seen my family since we went to Japan and had a bunch of little gifts for them. Some souvenirs, lots of candy and crackers, oragami sets, bonsai tree, some kokeshi dolls. Good to see everyone! Happy birthday, Jessica!

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Wisconsin Barbecue

August 30th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Milo resting in the shade.

Quarter keg of Spotted Cow.

Rock and Jeff

Richard and Brian


Shorty again. We debated how old he is… 13? 15?

Jason and Jessica

Jessica and Jason

Brian, Sheila, Ashley playing beersbee

Richard and Rock playing beersbee

Fire pit, where the play gym used to be.

Over the weekend my brother had a barbecue at his house. I hadn’t been up to his house for a visit since Christmas, so I wanted to make sure to go. The weather was a little hot at first, but then cooled to comfortable temperature. I played a game of bocce with Jess and played bags with my brother and his friends. Steph had band until 3 and then invited a few friends over. Like typical teenagers, they mostly hung around each other, away from the rest of the party, except when Sheila infiltrated every now and then! My brother and his friends also played beersbee, which I thought at first was the frisbie game, but is not. My brother accidentally made the hamburgers, frisbee style, the way my dad makes them, but redid the batch. Those frisbee burgers would have worked out well for the beersbee game! It was fun to hang out and relax and meet some more of my brother’s friends.

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Jessica’s 8th Birthday

May 26th, 2011 · 3 Comments


Last weekend I went to Oak Creek to celebrate Jessica’s 8th birthday. Jess wanted pizza for lunch. Instead of just buying pizzas or getting them delivered, Richard and Amanda bought all kinds of toppings and individual doughs. Each person made their own custom pizza and then my brother grilled them outside. Turned out great. Same goes for the dessert we had. Jess wanted ice cream instead of cake. Amanda got all kinds of toppings and we all made our own sundaes. Jess is holding her sundae in the photo above.

Got the memo

My brother also had a growler of beer from St. Francis Brewery nearby his house. I’m not sure which it was, but it was really good. Glad to finally try it.


It was a really nice day outside so we all sat out on the patio. I even got sunburned on my arm. It was so hot! Jess opened a bunch of gifts. Brian came over with his kids and they all played. Pretty laid back day.


I was just looking at these photos from Jess’s previous birthdays: 7 years old, 4 years old, 3 years old, 2 years old. She is growing up fast!



Since it was just Mothers Day a few weeks ago, I gave my mom her Mothers Day gift. There were some prints she wanted from the wedding, so we gave her those and we also made a wedding photo book. I think she liked it.

Mom & Dad

Finally, yesterday was my mom and dad’s 37th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary!

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