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The Good Soldier Schweik’s Ottoman Adventure

November 13th, 2011 · No Comments

When we left one of the Association House benefits, they gave us a goodie bag and inside that bag was a sample of Metropolis Coffee’s The Good Soldier Schweik’s Ottoman Adventure coffee. It was whole bean, but that’s fine because my coffee maker has the ability to grind and then brew all in one swoop. This coffee sat in my cupboard for a while, but when I finally tried it, I loved it. And I started drinking it almost black.. shocking for me! A while later I saw it at Whole Foods and could not resist buying a whole bag of the beans. Highly recommended!

* The Good Soldier Schweik is an unfinished novel by Czechoslovakian Jaroslav Hasek.

** Metropolis Coffee Company roasts beans and sells coffee in Chicago. They have their own cafe, supply other cafes and restaurants, and sell their beans online and at Whole Foods.

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