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Hawaii Day 3: Makai’s First Trip to the Beach

June 11th, 2014 · No Comments

Makai started out with a sink bath and spent the rest of the day (until we left the house) wearing only a diaper – Kauai baby style! Dallas’s mom said that when Dallas was little they only threw a shirt on when they went out, but we put shorts on him too! Kauai is very laid back though. At one point we took him to a party and he was wearing an aloha shirt and people wanted to know why he was so dressed up! I always stress about what clothes to pack to Hawaii, but I never should. Especially not on Kauai, where I don’t even wear makeup. No. One. Cares. !!


Dallas and his dad continued to work on the deck. During a break, Dallas was digging through some drawers in his old room and came across this photo of Kamehameha Schools Class of 1994. The photo was taken in 1990, when they were all 8th graders! (View Larger.)


While Makai was sleeping I ran out and did a few things. My first stop was Kauai Coffee. I’d been here one time before, but it was years ago. This time I noticed there was a self-guided walking tour so after sampling some coffee, I took a stroll. Even if you don’t read the signs, it’s a beautiful walk with lots of rows of coffee bushes and pretty flowers. I think they also have a guided tour if you’re there at the right time.

After my walk I treated myself to an ice cream sandwich made with Kauai Coffee ice cream and a chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie. It was so huge! I could only eat about half. Then I bought a few things to take home and a couple things for Makai – a stuffed honu and a book called This Is My Piko. Piko is Hawaiian for belly button and this book talks about all different body parts and how to say them in Hawaiian.


In Ele’ele I stopped at Big Save and got a blow up pool for Makai to use at the house. At the market, they’re making a killing on this local coconut water, since everyone is into drinking that now. I also took some photos of some odd aisle signs. I don’t know why Big Save always puts the fishing tackle in the souvenir aisle!


And then I stopped at L&L in Waimea to grab some lunch for everyone. I got a ton of chicken katsu, some teri beef and I just had to try the saimin burger. I feel like the ramen burger was a big trend last year in New York so yay for L&L for hopping on that. Instead of L&L, Makai had some poi that I got at the Big Save.


A couple random things: This keyless car ignition thing is cool except when you have a baby you’re loading in and out of the backsean a thousand times like I was on our day on the North Shore. The keyless ignition actually makes me more prone to losing the key/fab because I don’t know where I put it… it’s not in the ignition where it’s supposed to be.

I also picked up the The Garden Island News hoping to see some soft story about how an albatross found its way home, but it actually had a real issue on the front page. We were just talking to Larry about the water issues they’re having around Kalaheo.


We met up with Kaipo, Dallas’s classmate from Kamehameha, to go to the Poipu Beach. He brought his daughter Hi’ilei, who is 2 years old and the cutest thing ever. This was Makai’s first time in the actual sand and water. He was not a fan of the water at all really! He seemed to like the sand. Or at least be ok with it. He tried to eat it, actually!


Later on Dallas’s parents insisted we go out for a nice dinner while they babysat. We decided on Dolphin Seafood in Poipu at Kukui’ula because it was new(er) and we’d heard from a few people how good it is. We sat at the sushi bar and our sushi chef was Tandita, who was a young kind of punkish Japanese girl. I don’t remember what all we had, but I do remember one of them was uku, a Hawaiian snapper. Just to the left of us we started talking to a couple who were out celebrating a birthday. Turns out they know Dallas’s uncle Dee very well. Small island!

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Birthday Dinner at Kai Zan

December 11th, 2013 · No Comments



We’ve been wanting to go to Kai Zan for over a year, but much of the year I was pregnant and wasn’t supposed to be eating raw fish. We passed it up for my birthday and finally got there last night for Dallas’s birthday. We both got the omakase (chef’s choice), which was $60 per person for about 14 small courses. Some were literally one bite and some were a little bigger. We also had to get the hamachi kama, because we love it and can never pass it up when it’s available!

The omakase at Kai Zan was great. It lets you try things from all over their menu. About half of the courses were raw and about half were cooked. We also loved the hamachi kama. We got a nice, big meaty piece that was grilled to perfection and served with ponzu and daikon. Kai Zan has a cool vibe going on inside. I really liked it. Also, it’s BYO so you can cut down on costs by bringing your own booze. We both really liked our experience there and I think we’ll be back. Especially since it’s just a few minutes drive from our house!

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Cocoro Japanese Restaurant

September 23rd, 2013 · No Comments



A few weeks ago we went to check out Cocoro with Adam and Christine. We ordered so much food!! I remember saba, tuna sashimi, grilled squid, grilled miso eggplant, seaweed salad, shrimp shumai, spicy dragon roll, katsu-ju, katsu curry, tonkatsu ramen, and misoyasai ramen. I took photos of the katsu curry and tonkatsu ramen because I thought they were the stand out dishes, but actually, I find myself still thinking about the grilled squid. It was so tasty. The grilled eggplant was another favorite. Actually, everything was really good.

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