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Belated Birthday BBQ

September 20th, 2011 · No Comments

Ed, Cousin, Kristin, Jen

Brian, Limey, Rachelle, Mike (Brian’s dad)

Paul Baker, Rachelle, Kate

Rachelle & Richard (with Guinness, Jameson, and Bailey’s for Irish Car Bombs

Brett, Rachelle

Chad, Rachelle, Quinn

Dallas about to get kissed



Rachelle, Danny

Paul Baker, Kate, Rachelle, Alden

Jill, Halle, Rachelle

Todd, Rachelle, Larry, Marty, Josh

Anonymous Passer Outer. Note, he came that way, it didn’t happen at my party.

Rachelle, Trevor, Todd

Rachelle, Amy, Raiden, Steve

Irish Car Bombs!

Guess who won?

Damian, Rachelle, Derek

Rachelle, Derek

Trevor, Damian, Derek, Todd

Cory, Rachelle, Caroline

Marty, Josh, Trevor, Damian, Derek, Todd

Marty, Josh, Trevor, Dallas, Damian, Derek, Quinn, Todd

Chad, Mike (his dad)

Todd, Rachelle, Josh

Rachelle, Brett


Vanessa, Dylan, Rachelle

Dallas, Rachelle

Jeremiah Weed

Killian, Rachelle (Killian’s birthday gift was Shake Weight

Learning how to use the Shake Weight

Rachelle & Juan, a.k.a Kwan

Rachelle, Juan/Kwan, Cory

Watching the fight: Dallas, Kristin, Caroline, Danny, Cousin, Anonymous, Alden, Paul Baker, Kate, Juan/Kwan, Cory, Ed

See you in my nightmares!

I think the pictures tell the story! At first I was just trying to take photos of people at the party then somehow it evolved into me having to be in the photos.

Dallas and I prepped food for the barbecue for days ahead of time and it all turned out fabulous, if I do say so myself. We had kalbi ribs on the grill (marinated for 2 days) and braised short ribs that slow cooked for hours in the oven. To go with all this delicious meat, I made crack onion dip, bacon-wrapped pineapple, dill dip with veggies, Asian lettuce salad, pesto pasta salad, macadamia nut brownies, and a fruit plate.

It was a fun night. I acted like I was turning 26, not 36, though. Definitely was feeling my true age the next day! Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes, gifts, cards, and for coming to my party and making it a great time!

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