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Luke’s Lobster

June 13th, 2012 · No Comments

Luke’s Lobster

Jacqui ordering at the window.

Lobster Roll

Cape Cod Potato Chips

Maine Root Blueberry Soda

One day when I was in New York I tagged along with my coworkers RJ and Jacqui to go to Luke’s Lobster. I didn’t know what it was really, except that they had lobster rolls. When we arrived, there was a window you ordered from and then you just got your food to go. I think they had a restaurant with a small dining area, but we just did the window.

Luke’s Lobster offers a lobster roll, a crab roll or a shrimp roll, or a combo with half of each. I stuck with the lobster roll. I think you could also get clam chowder, but I didn’t. I got my lobster roll in a combo that included soda, chips and a pickle, although it should be noted that I never got the pickle. The chips were, appropriately, Cape Cod chips. The soda was Maine Root Soda. I could choose from root beer or blueberry and I got the blueberry. I never had blueberry soda before and I really liked it. I also really enjoyed the lobster roll. The chunks of meat were huge and you got a lot of it on the roll.

I liked Luke’s Lobster for something different for lunch, but it should be noted that this is not the cheapest lunch. My combo was $17, which is much more than I could afford to spend on lunch on a regular basis. Still it would be a good spot to visit once in a while.

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