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Trapped In A Room With A Zombie

March 24th, 2015 · No Comments

Nitya & Steph getting psyched!

Real names are not required.

A few weeks ago the UX team and Visual Design team got together for an after-hours outing. We were split into two groups and then each group was trapped in a room with a zombie (and a mad professor). The room was filled with furniture and desks and drawers and cabinets and toolchests (many locked) as well as a lot of random looking stuff with odd numbers, clues and letters on them. And there was a zombie! A ZOMBIE chained to the wall. Every five minutes the chains came out another foot and if the zombie touched you, you were out.

Back: Ronald, Rob, Ben, Nick, Me, Steph. Front: Anandi, Nitya, Katie, Irene. Plus, the mad professor.

Act like a zombie!

The goal was to use teamwork! to figure out the clues and to unlock the combo lock that unlocks the key that unlocks the briefcase clue that unlocks the doorkey. Or something like that. All while dodging A ZOMBIE. You had one hour to get out of the room, basically. Our team did it. The other team? Not so much.

Afterwards we went to Exchequer, where Scott promptly ordered 20 Fireballs to take the edge off getting chased by A ZOMBIE.

More at the Isobar blog. And, our obligatory pose in front of The Bean:

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A Champagne Toast…

March 16th, 2015 · No Comments

…. for Roundarch’s first retiree. Congratulations, Lawrence! 

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Matt & Molly’s Wedding Rehearsal

June 18th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Molly, Matt & Wedding Officiant Rosina :: Sharon, CT

Dallas, Ross, Chris, Zach, Adam, Rosina :: Sharon, CT

Tommy, Liz, Adam, Rosina, Molly :: Sharon, CT

Parents & Grandparents – Front – Irene, George, Shirley, Louise – Back – Martin, Betsy, Luanne :: Sharon, CT

Adam & Liz :: Sharon, CT

Buddy & Bella with Canine Coordinator George :: Sharon, CT

Wedding Party :: Sharon, CT

Emily :: Sharon, CT

Catlin, Molly, George :: Sharon, CT

George :: Sharon, CT

Molly, Rosina, Matt :: Sharon, CT

Molly & Matt :: Sharon, CT

Rachelle & Dallas :: Sharon, CT

Matt & Molly got married in Molly’s mom’s backyard and that’s where they rehearsed the wedding ceremony the night before the event was to take place. The yard is so green and plush and beautiful. Too bad that the sun was so severe and some of the photos are kind of strange. Luckily the next day was a big more cloudy, even if it was just as hot. Everyone’s dressed up for the rehearsal because immediately afterwards we went out for rehearsal dinner at the country club which required a jacket and tie for the guys and dresses for the ladies.

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