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Christmas Eve

December 27th, 2011 · 1 Comment

This year we went to my brother’s house for Christmas Eve. Originally Amanda was supposed to work until 4 p.m., so we were going to go early to help get dinner ready for when she got home. Unfortunately/fortunately, she hurt her knee and had to take a few days off of work.

I randomly found this blog post about some simple ornaments and thought they would be fun to make. My mom had all of the supplies so she brought them over. Steph wasn’t really into it, but we had fun making ornaments with Jess. Oh, but Steph did like to wear them as earrings.

My brother made homemade eggnog for the first time. I’m not a huge eggnog fan, but I really liked the eggnog he made. It was much lighter than the stuff you buy in the store. We also had some spiced cider and many different kinds of beer. There was one that was spruce flavored and it was not good. Even so, Milo wanted a taste of it!

Even though Amanda was going to be home because of her injury, we still got dinner ready. Dallas and I slow cooked some pork and brought that down. My mom made coleslaw and beans. And we had a ton of sweets that everyone made as well as cheese and crackers that we snacked on all day.

This year my parents gave us each a set of china. They each had one set so my brother and I each took one. My set is smaller with a black and white pattern. My brother’s set had many more pieces, which was good because they also had inherited a china cabinet to display a larger set in, where our storage space is much more limited. Also, when I looked online, it looked like you could get replacement pieces for the set my brother has, so that is good if they plan to use it more. Anyway, the china came out for Christmas dinner and this is the first time it was ever used in 40 years! I was so nervous that I was going to drop a plate or something, but everything went fine.

After dinner we opened gifts. Stephanie and Jessica opened gifts from me and Dallas and my parents first. We got Steph a few small things and a couple gift certificates to shop for clothes at H&M and Forever 21. Stephanie’s big gift was an iPod Touch. She was so shocked!

Jessica got lots of clothes and a games that she dug into right away. Jessica got a lot of Hello Kitty things. She told us that she loved Hello Kitty, so I hope she really loves it, because she’s all decked out now!

There were three gifts that were from Jessica to me, my parents and Amanda. These were all handmade things that Jessica did. Jess made a ton of Christmas snowflakes and drawings for my parents. For me, she made this long wooden stick that was painted like a snowman and wearing a fabric scarf. For Amanda she made a reindeer out of a hanger and pantyhose. So cute! I have a lot of things that Stephanie made when she was younger, but not a lot of things that Jessica has made, so it was fun to get a keepsake.

We each also had a gift from Amanda. Inside were spcial-edition Sports Illustrated Packers books. Dallas didn’t like this gift, but everyone else did!

Next we did our adult gift exchange. We draw names and have a $40 limit, so it doesn’t get too crazy. This year I had Amanda’s name. She has started getting into drinking tea, so I got her a tea infuser mug, some Argo tea and Tazo tea, biscuits and a book. Amanda got Dallas some Christmas Story pint glasses and a bunch of microbrews and a subscription to Wired Magazine. Dallas got my dad two Packers shirts. My dad gave me several books, an oven thermometer, and some Hawaiian treats. Richard gave my mom a Christmas tree made of Lindor Truffles and a gift card. Finally, my mom gave my brother a Packers t-shirt, a video game and a gift card.

Finally, this year was Richard and Amanda’s 10th wedding anniversary. My mom gave them a personalized Christmas tree ornament to remember the year. And she gave Dallas and I an ornament for our first Christmas after getting married. Here’s what it looks like:

I like how the guy is doing a shaka and the girl has a camera! Also, here’s a photo of the snowman ornament Jessica made:

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Christmas Eve at Our House

December 27th, 2010 · 1 Comment

On Christmas Eve we had my family over for dinner and gifts. A few months ago my dad gave us a ham that was over 10 pounds. We weren’t sure when to make it, so we decided Christmas dinner was as good of time as any. We also had mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, Hawaiian rolls, whole grain rolls, a big vegetable and lettuce salad that my mom made, and a fruit salad that Amanda made.

After dinner we took a few photos while wearing santa hats. By then everyone was hopped up on sugar, caffeine, wine and beer. As you can see, it quickly got out of hand. Mom and dad took a nice photo, though!

This year we only bought Christmas gifts for Stephanie and Jessica because we are trying to save money for the wedding. Jessica got a few shirts and jeans, a new watch, a headband, some markers and a Wii game.

For Stephanie we pooled our money with my mom and dad and got her an iPod Nano. Dallas and I also got her a small gift certificate for iTunes to pick out an album to put on her new iPod. She loved it! We also got Steph and Jess each a Hawaii and Christmas-themed book.

Dallas and I had a great time eating, opening gifts, and spending time with the family.

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Bowden Christmas

December 24th, 2007 · 4 Comments

Dallas & Jessica
Jessica highly frowning on Dallas trying to help her with her present

Mom & Jessica
Ha ha, Dallas, only Grandma can help with presents

On Saturday my parents and my brother’s family came to our house to celebrate Christmas. Dallas and I made hot beef that we cooked for 10 hours in a slow cooker we were borrowing from Kristin. We also made hot cider and my parents brought sides and my brother brought drinks. Of course there was also tons of cookies and candies and snacks.

Richard, Dad, Dallas
Guys doing what guys do

Richard & Amanda
Richard & Amanda

Jessica & Amanda
Jessica & Amanda

After lunch we watched Elf and then we opened gifts. Most of the gifts were for my nieces Stephanie and Jessica and were from my parents, Dallas and me. Stephanie is getting so grown up. She’s finding her own style and grown up personality and she’s so tall and thin. She’s becoming a real teenager, her language riddled with “like”s and exclamations of “nice!” and with my brother and sister-in-law teasing her about going to her first dance. Supposedly the night of the dance Jessica was laughing hysterically that Stephanie was going to dance with a boy. Sisters! It sounds like there was a lot of shy standing around for Steph and her friends, though. What do you expect from an 11-year-old 6th-grader dance? My brother said Steph didn’t like the dance because the music was too loud and I guess Soulja Boy isn’t up her ally, so thankfully she’s got a little more growing up to do. Tweens!

Stephanie & Milo
Stephanie & Milo

A few weeks ago I asked my brother if he though Steph would like an iPod Shuffle for Christmas. He pointed me to her Amazon wish list and this is what I found (note the comment):

Stephanie’s Amazon Wishlist

Looked like we were going to be favorites of the day! And we weren’t disappointed. Talking to Steph beforehand we asked what the best gift she could imagine for Christmas would be and she said it would be an iPod. Turning into the best actors in the world, we all guffawed like “oh boy, that’s a pretty big gift, I hope there’s something else you’d like!” So she was really surprised when she opened our gift to her. She gave us big hugs and was really happy.

Stephanie opening her new iPod


Jessica is pretty much the opposite. All day long she wouldn’t talk to us, even when we asked her questions that were just “yes” or “no” answers. She wouldn’t smile or laugh. When her favorite scene in the movie Elf came on (when the “friendly” raccoon attacks Will Ferrell’s face), she had to hide her face so we wouldn’t catch her smiling. Jess has always been really shy around us, no matter how much we see her. I don’t know if it’s just us or if she’s like this around other people too. I know that at home and around my parents she’s perfectly fine. And we’ll hear her in another room with them and she’s chatting away and playing and totally fine, but then we come in and it’s all over. We are so mean and scary!

Jessica won’t smile

About 6 hours into the day, Jess did get more lively and talkative, playing games and even letting me help her try on new clothes she got as gifts. During the football game, she was even getting shushed. She’s such a nice, smart, fun kid, I just wish she’d let it all out. By the time she is herself around us, she has to go. And she’s never really gotten into being around Dallas except that one time when we were at Culver’s. Maybe we need to always have ice cream when she’s around or something. Or maybe we need to just take her and have her stay over for a weekend? Either she’d get over it or she’d be scarred for life, who knows.

Stephanie & Jessica
Later on Jessica snaps out of it and has fun

We had fun hosting Christmas for the first time and had fun spending time with my family. Oh, and I got a slow cooker for Christmas so I can give Kristin’s back. If you have good slow cooker recipes, drop the links to them in the comments.

Jessica & Dad
Jessica & Dad

Jessica & Dad
Jessica & Dad goofing around. I think I see a smile!

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