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Kiahuna Paradise

October 17th, 2012 · No Comments

After our great experience with renting houses last year, we decided to do the same this year. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough people for Ho’Onani Estates again, and they were booked anyway, so we went on the hunt for a new place. We ended up settling on a house the owners have dubbed Kiahuna Paradise located in the Kiahuna Golf Village. It was not located on the beach, but on the golf course where we got married.

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We were staying with Dallas’s parents and his sister Caroline and her boyfriend Jose, who I finally got to meet for the first time even though they have been dating for 5 years! To accommodate everyone we got a good sized house with a big living area, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms. And to make up for the lack of an ocean view or access, the house had its own private pool! This was not Ho’Onani Estates, which was pretty much the nicest place I’ve stayed at ever. The fixtures and things at Kiahuna Paradise were a bit dated and worn, but nothing was busted and it totally suited our needs. Most of the time I spent there was either outside in the beautiful backyard or sleeping in the bedroom.

I LOVED the yard at the house. It was filled with so many tropical plants and even a tangerine tree with ripe fruit on it! I loved that there was a hammock and a quiet tucked away dining area, separate from the rest of the yard. It was so relaxing to sit outside and read on the lanai on a cozy lounge chair.

I love getting a house like this when we’re staying for a long time on Kauai. We ended up working out a deal with the owner of this house that cost us just over $100 per bedroom per night for six nights, which is WAY less expensive than a hotel in the area would be. Overall we were very happy with Kiahuna Paradise.

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P.S. I really liked the Island Candle Works Awaphuhi Shampoo and Conditioner that the owner supplied in the bathrooms. It smelled like a pina colada and is made locally on Kauai!

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Professional Wedding Photos

March 30th, 2011 · 1 Comment

We were lucky enough to have Steve Koo, an award-winning Chicago photographer (and friend), come out with us to Kauai and photograph our wedding. Steve did such a good job on our engagement photographs in Logan Square. I was excited to see what he’d come up with for the wedding.

We could not be more happy with how Steve captured the spirit of the day and all the little moments and emotions. We love Steve’s style, how saturated the photos are. It went really nicely in the tropical setting. I could not pick just a few favorite photos from the day, so I posted a whole bunch below!

For a more behind-the-scenes account of our wedding day, check out this post.

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Whale-Watching Oscars Barbecue

March 21st, 2011 · 2 Comments

Name three things you never thought would go together: Whale-watching, Oscars, barbecue! Ha.

Ging, Damien, Billy (Photo by Rob)

(Photo by Rob)

Damien (Photo by Rob)

Jordan & Liz (Photo by Jen)

Cousin, Loden, Brian (Photo by Rob)

Dallas (Photo by Rob)

Cliff Jumping (Photo by Jen)

Ross (Photo by Rob)

Brian & Jill (Photo by Kristin)

If I back up just a little bit, though, when we got back from breakfast a bunch of people had gone to Shipwreck Beach. Dallas and some others left to join them, but since we’d told people to stop by the house on Sunday, I thought I should stay there. Kristin and I sat around by the pool. I took a nap on a float. After a while, it was clear that no one was stopping by until later. I blame this on hangovers! So, Kristin and I went to Shipwrecks for a while too. I had fun playing in the surf with Brian and Chad and Jill for about an hour.

Tien, Pina Colada Master

Cousin, Dad & Dallas Grilling

Dallas, Josh & Tweeny Grilling

Richard & Amanda

Richard & Rachelle

Todd, Kelly, Damian, Vanessa, Sara, Brian, Adam, Christine, Trevor, Kate

Todd & Kelly

Such a pretty sunset!

One last sunset shot, this one taken in the same spot a few days earlier. (Photo by Kristin)

When we came home friends began coming over to hang out. Some just stopped by on their way out of town or on the way to other plans. We had a big barbecue to try to eat up our leftover food and drinks. It was a task we were not up for! We sat out on the lanai and watched whales while eating dinner. There was a beautiful sunset that night and I found a bunch of our friends across the street watching the beautiful show. Also, the Oscars were on (on a time delay) so some people were having fun watching who won. This was our last day on Kauai, so it was nice to hang out with everyone one last time.

Watching the Oscars

Watching the Oscars

Josh & Tweeny watching basketball

Paul, Kate, Caroline, Cory, Tammy, Chris, Dallas

Party Slippers

Cory & Kathy

Dallas, Danny & Chris

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