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My First Plumeria in Chicago!

August 21st, 2014 · No Comments


Updated photos August 22, 2014:



In 2011, no our trip to Hawaii for our wedding, I got this plumeria plant. It was basically a stick in a plastic bag that they sell to the tourists in the airport. That summer, I stuck it in a pot and nothing happened. I was just about to throw it out when it started to get some growths on the top. Since then I’ve been lugging it in and out of the house for the winters and summers. I haven’t really been careful with it at all and a few times have wanted to just get rid of it.. like every winter when it gets bugs and all the leaves fall off. UGH. The plumeria plant used to be a “Y” shape, with two branches coming out of a main trunk, but one day a big push broom fell on it and seared on of those branches right off. So for the past two summers it has been growing at a crazy angle.

Yesterday I noticed some new growths and this morning a flower! Looks like there will be more flowers too! Maybe I should try to repot the plant properly and actually care for it… then again, if I actually try, I’ll probably mess it up!

It should also be noted that I’m pretty positive that I bought that I bought the yellow plumeria plant, because that’s my favorite. Obviously this is not yellow!

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Hawaii Day 14: Going Home

June 16th, 2014 · No Comments


We packed up all of our stuff… ahhh. Do we really have to go home?

Of course it was on my last day, my 14th day, that I finally found some decent coffee in Waimea. I had kind of a hard time because there’s no coffee maker at the house. Then I find out on the last day that there’s a great coffee shop about a two minute drive away: Aloha -n- Paradise. It is an art gallery and an event space with an espresso bar in the back. I browsed around and looked at a LOT of amazing art by local artists and then headed back for a latte. Let me warn you, though, this is not a place you rush in and out of. I talked story with the ladies inside FOREVER! One woman had been in Chicago over the winter, living there for about 8 months, before returning home to Kauai. I don’t know why she would want to spend the winter in Chicago! She said she was a traveling chef and was also writing a play (I think).

Not too long later, we packed up the car and drove to Lihue. The good news was for our Lihue to Los Angeles flight we got a free upgrade to first class. It was kind of an old crappy plane, but it was great to have the extra space for Makai to relax and get more comfortable. Also, the food and blankets and pillows were nice. And the champagne.

It was 11 p.m. when we arrived at LAX. We changed Makai into his pajamas and got something to eat. We had a middle seat and the window and the gate agent would not switch us. We were all settled in when our seatmate arrived and I swear he took one look at us and cursed his luck, sitting next to a baby on a redeye!, but Makai was good. He slept almost the whole time and only fussed for a minute. Kristin picked us up from the airport in our car. Makai stayed home from daycare that day and Dallas and I both worked from home. We all needed one day to adjust!

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Hawaii Day 13: Back to Kauai

June 16th, 2014 · No Comments


We packed up our suitcase yet again and headed back to Kauai. We flew into Kauai, so we went back just for one night. Our vacation was really ending :(

I ran to Big Save for the last supplies for Makai and for a few things to add to the dinner we were having. Aunty Kathy and Uncle Dee came over for a bbq. We grilled up some leftover Korean ribs and had rice, kimchi, boiled peanuts, pickled onion, and a fresh salad that Aunty Kathy made. I remember the salad (with papaya seed dressing) tasted extra good. I hadn’t been eating my vegetables like I should! Aunty Kathy also made a homemade pie and I ate it with some macnut ice cream I’d bought at the store earlier.

The photo above is some beer that I got at Big Save. Big Braddah Primo. Extra refreshing on a hot night!

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