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Feeds & Drinks @ Carnivale

October 28th, 2006 · 1 Comment

John :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

John, Matt, Chris, Eric O. :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Haul-Ass & Joe :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Paul & Justin :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Eric L., Chris, Paul :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

John :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Dick & Steve :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Brent :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Matthew & Randy :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

I have quite a backload of photographs and posts that I just haven’t had time to go through and do anything with. So, sorry for the lateness!

Two Thursdays ago, FeedBurner had a party for clients and potential clients at Carnivale. It was really fun and less awkward than we’d joked about, you know, with 15 engineers who like to stare at their shoes at parties in attendance. I’ve never had dinner at Carnivale, but I’ve been to a couple parties there and the food, drinks and service have always been fantastic. Here are some more photos from that night.

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Long Night

July 23rd, 2006 · No Comments

Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, IN

When your night ends at 4am with this blurry vision of the Horseshoe Casino, you may have had a really great night or you may have had a really horrible night. Luckily, I had a really break-even night. I’m not a gambler really at all. I put $5 in a slot machine and lost it in about 2 seconds. I put $5 more in and it lasted longer, but I lost it. Then I put $10 in and made $10 off of it. Even Steven. I didn’t bet any more, but then just chose to watch others for the rest of the night. Everyone else made some money, so it was a lucky night for us.

Also, I thought Atlantic City was depressing, but you should see the Horseshoe Casino in the middle of the night.. eep!

If you’re wondering how we ended up at the casino …

Abby & Kristin :: Gannon’s, Lincoln Square, Chicago

Danny, Allison, Dallas, Rob :: Gannon’s, Lincoln Square, Chicago

Abby & a weird ghost image :: Gannon’s, Lincoln Square, Chicago

Rachelle & Chad :: Gannon’s, Lincoln Square, Chicago

Brian & Chad :: Gannon’s, Lincoln Square, Chicago

It was Abby’s birthday so we all went to Gannon’s to celebrate. Even Rob, who was in town from Boston for the Mackinac race the next day … although he had to call it a night early so he wouldn’t be too tired for the race. We were all having a good time when sometime around midnight or 1am someone said “Let’s go to the boats!,” meaning the gambling boats. Now, this will come up every once in a while and usually it’s like a joke, like, “yeh.. we should.. but it’s too late and we’re too drunk and we’re broke..” but for some reason on Friday night one person wasn’t too drunk to drive, and we didn’t think we were too broke and we just took it serioiusly and went. Except “the boats” became “the casino in Indiana” somehow. Doesn’t matter, anyway. It was only 45 minutes away.

Jon, Eric, Eric, Matt :: Avec, West Loop, Chicago

Delirium Tremens :: Avec, West Loop, Chicago

Delirium Tremens :: Avec, West Loop, Chicago

Before that I was out for happy hour at Avec. One or two other times I’ve had wine outside, but this was the first time I have been inside Avec even though it’s only a few doors down from the office. It’s very minimalistic with lots of wood. I couldn’t stay very long, but I’d like to go back and enjoy it more. They had a lot of interesting beers and wines on the menu and I’d like to try the food, too. I’m sure the opportunity will present itself in the near future.

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