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Back at Amy Ruth’s

January 14th, 2004 · 26 Comments

Native American Farms Hot Pepper Sauce
Native American Farms Hot Pepper Sauce, Amy Ruth’s, Harlem

Last night I met up with Jeannette, Yvan, Tien, Masako, Eleanor, Jessica and Joe for a yummy dinner at Amy Ruth’s in Harlem. Immediately, we noticed some new hot sauce on the tables and that they are selling it behind the register. Jeannette was the only one daring enough to try it. Her reaction was kind of “eh..”

Amy Ruth’s doesn’t sell alcohol. Joe suggested that maybe it is because there is both a church and a mosque across the street. We called ahead and Papa, our favorite waiter, said that it would be ok to bring beer in. After we were seated at our table we started passing beer out to whoever wanted it. The host discreetly came over to us and said that it was ok to have brought beer in but that he would have to take it into the back and pour it into glasses for us. Turns up he just poured it all into a big pitcher and gave us a bunch of glasses. Oh, and we couldn’t find chilled beer at the supermarket so we were drinking a pitcher of warm Negra Modelo.

Even if the beer had much to be desired, the food was awesome, as always. I had the fried chicken drizzled with honey, a side of macaroni and cheese, and a side of fried okra. After dinner, I splurged and bought myself some of Amy Ruth’s honey for home. It’s made in an apiary on the roof of the building.

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Also, Jeannette & Yvan surprised us with gifts from their recent trip to Thailand. My gift was a beautiful pillow and tons of candy!!!! When I unwrapped the box of candy I couldn’t help but yell “CANDY!!!” I was so excited. And the pillow goes great with the other throw pillows I got at Pearl River Market. Thanks guys!

Pillow & Candy from Thailand
Pillow & Candy from Thailand

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Thursdays at Amy Ruth’s

October 30th, 2003 · 8 Comments

Amy Ruth'sTonight I took my parents and Jess to Amy Ruth’s. My dad loves the southern soul food and Jessica missed the trip Jeannette, Tien, Masako, El, & I made last Thursday. Our waiter was nice, but I wanted Papa to be our waiter… if only we’d sat one table over he would have been. The Councilman Bill Perkins is the best.. the combination of the fried chicken.. with the sweet honey made onsite.. yummmmmm.

So, who’s coming with me to Harlem next Thursday?

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More from Harlem

October 24th, 2003 · 4 Comments

Menelik Beauty Salon
Menelik Beauty Salon, Harlem

No Pork on My Fork
No Pork on My Fork, Harlem

No Pork on My Fork may seem, at first thought, to be a Kosher restaurant, but it’s actually a Muslim one.

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