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Early Thanksgiving Dinner at Aunty Laura’s House

November 11th, 2014 · 1 Comment

Hana, Grandma, Makai

Aunty Gail, Makai, Grandma

Aunty Heather with Hana and Makai

Dallas’s parents were in town last weekend to watch Makai during all of Josh and Liz’s wedding festivities, so Aunty Laura had her annual early Thanksgiving dinner on the Sunday before they left. Last year Makai was so little we were almost afraid to have different people hold him. It was his first big party! This year he played with kids and visited family and ate SO MUCH Thanksgiving dinner. All of it: turkey, stuffing, ham, potatoes, green beans, cranberries and pumpkin pie! Such a big boy now.

Two funny points: 1. Rory asked to see Makai when we arrived so I took him over. Well, he didn’t really want to see Dallas! And ran away. 2. Makai was sitting on a kind of stool with some towels piled up so he could reach the table. One minute he was there, one minute he’d slid down onto the ground. He didn’t make a peep, so it took us a second to notice! I think he was too stunned!

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Makai’s First Thanksgiving

December 14th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Now that it’s almost Christmas, I finally got a chance to look at some photos from Thanksgiving! We actually went to two Thanksgiving celebrations. A couple weeks before the day, Aunty Laura had some family out to her house in the suburbs for a big dinner. Dallas’s parents were in town and I think they were surprised at how many kids there are now!

Aunty Gail with her granddaughter, Hanako. Kathy with her grandson Makai. Hanako is one day older than Makai, but Makai is a giant compared to her!

Grandmas lined up: Aunty Gail with Hana, Kathy with Makai, Aunty Glenna with Alexia, Aunty Laura with Rory.

Aunty Laura watching movies with Tommy, Kenji, Rory and Eddy.

Who would have seen this day coming? Dallas and Danny, still drinking beers and talking story, but with BABIES.

On Thanksgiving day, the actual day, we headed up to Evanston to Jill and Brian’s house. It was a small get together with just their immediate family. Nice and relaxed.

I drank a glass of wine, my first alcoholic beverage in about a year, and then fell asleep on the chair.

Quinn and Halle provided the entertainment! As you can see, they’re in constant motion. Always!

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A Baby Luncheon with Dallas’s Family

August 19th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Aunty Glenna, Alexia, Heather, Aunty Gail, Mom, Jessica, Me, Caroline, Rory, Aunty Laura, Naoko. Aly was taking the photo.

Caroline & Rory.

Aunty Gail & Heather.

Aly & her daughter, Alexia.

Me & Naoko (both due in October), Aunty Laura and her grandson, Rory.

Opening some gifts.

Jessica & Mom.

Aunty Glenna and her granddaughter, Alexia.

Aunty Gail & Mom playing with Rory.

Rory didn’t like it when his mom held Alexia! So jealous!! (Caroline, Alexia, Aunty Laura, Rory, Danny.)

Yummy cake.

Aunty Gail with her grand-niece, Alexia.

Over the weekend Dallas’s family had a little lunch gathering to celebrate the baby. Aunty Laura hosted the lunch at her house in the suburbs and some of Dallas’s cousins and Aunties, along with my mom and niece attended. We had a delicious lunch, cake and a gifts to open. Mostly it was just nice to see everyone and visit. Aly brought her daughter, Alexia, who is just five weeks old and Caroline brought Rory, who is one and a half. Having the babies there makes things seem a bit more real! Also, Naoko is due only a week after me! Big thanks to Heather for taking all of these great photos! And to everyone for spending the day with me celebrating!

P.S. I am 30 weeks pregnant in these photos.

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