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Hamura’s Saimin Stand

March 22nd, 2011 · No Comments

On our last day on Kauai we packed all of our stuff up and checked out of our house. I went to the Poipu Shopping Village with Matt and Ross for a bit. Then we headed over to the Makahuena where Dallas’s parents and sister were staying. We had to sort out some financials with our wedding gifts so we weren’t carrying around a bunch of stuff for the rest of our trip. From there we headed into Lihue. Caroline, Tammy and I stopped at the bank and then at Hilo Hattie for some gifts. After that we met up with Ross, Matt, Jordan and Dallas at Hamura’s Saimin Stand.

Hamura’s is a hole-in-the-wall kind of place on a back street of Lihue that is popular with the locals. It’s nothing to look at inside, just a big menu on the wall and u-shaped counter seating. Dallas has been telling me they have the best saimin on the planet for the entire time I’ve known him. Dallas has been to Hamura’s on visits back to Kauai but for some reason I’ve never been there before this trip.

I ordered a wonton saimin.

Dallas ordered the extra large special saimin, that had the works.

We also passed around and shared crispy wontons, shrimp tempura and barbecue sticks of chicken and beef.

This saimin was so delicious! And so filling.

I heard that Hamura’s is also known for their lilikoi chiffon pie, so even though we were all stuffed to the max, I had to order a slice just to try. I mean, who knows when I’d be back! I thought the pie was good and so light and fluffy, but not like amazing. Maybe it’s because I was already so full, but I’d say stick with the saimin! You cannot go wrong. SO good.

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Shopping on the South Shore of Kaua’i

March 18th, 2007 · No Comments

Old Koloa Town, Kaua’i

Old Koloa Town, Kaua’i

Old Koloa Town, Kaua’i

Island Soap & Candle Works, Old Koloa Town, Kaua’i

Island Soap & Candle Works, Old Koloa Town, Kaua’i

Lappert’s Kaua’i Pie, Old Koloa Town, Kaua’i

Progressive Expressions Surf Shop, Old Koloa Town, Kaua’i

Allison, Old Koloa Town, Kaua’i

Old Koloa Town, Kaua’i

Old Koloa Town, Kaua’i

Old Koloa Town, Kaua’i

Big Save Supermarket, Old Koloa Town, Kaua’i


John and Dallas got up really early to pick up Dallas’ brother Jordan and his friend Koa from the Lihue airport. Jordan had flown in from Seattle the day before and stayed with Koa, who lives in Honolulu, for a night. From the airport they were going right to the Puakea Golf Course for their morning tee time. One problem. Well, actually, two. Jordan and Koa were out partying too late and 1) Jordan lost his phone and 2) they missed their flight. Whoops. John and Dallas ended up canceling their tee time and rescheduling at the Mokihana course at Kaua’i Lagoons and then getting saimin at Hamura’s Saimin Stand to kill some time. Which, is not a bad deal, since Hamura’s Saimin Stand is a Kaua’i institution and was even honored by the James Beard Foundation.

Allison, Susan and I decided to have a day of shopping in Poipu and Koloa town. The Poipu Shopping Village is where we were the night before to go to Poipu Tropical Burgers, but we didn’t shop around at all. The shopping center is a good mix of stores. From Crazy Shirts souvenir tshirts to surf shops to high-end jewelers and art dealers.

Here’s a story – So, two nights before this Caroline, Tammy and Carrie came busting into the condo after having .. er.. a few cocktails and told us that they had just been hanging out with someone who had either hung out with or met Carlos Santana and Ben Stiller together. Now, these girls were da-runk and we thought “Why would Carlos Santana and Ben Stiller every hang out together? And does Santana really hang in Kaua’i?” But at the Poipu Shopping Village we spotted Carlos Santana. And later on we learned that Ben Stiller owns a house on Kaua’i. Moral of the story: Sometimes drunk girls do know what they’re talking about.

After shopping in Poipu, we headed over to Koloa Town. The shopping here is small and quaint and really is just a small strip of stores that I have an affinity for. A candle and soap shop, a surf shop, but most important of all, Lappert’s ice cream. I love it. The Kaua’i Pie flavor is the best. A perfect mix of Kona coffee ice cream, chocolate fudge, toasted coconut, and macadamia nuts. I had it 3 times: In Koloa Town, in Princeville, and at the original store (where they make all the ice cream) in Hanapepe. Actually, I had Lappert’s 4 times, if you count the mac nut ice cream that was in the shave ice I got in Waimea. Lappert’s all over Kaua’i. That should have been my vacation motto or something.

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