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The Fat Shallot

October 2nd, 2013 · 1 Comment



The other day I had to run an errand at lunch and noticed that there were a few interesting food trucks parked outside our office on Columbus. I decided to give The Fat Shallot a chance and OMG IT WAS SOOO GOOD. I got the grilled cheese, which was made with sharp cheddar, caramelized onion and sauteed spinach and was served on sourdough bread. And then I got rosemary fries on the side. Wow. Amazing grilled cheese sandwich. And big. Megan had to help me finish the fries!


I’ve since talked to a few of my coworkers who have gotten sandwiches and other food from The Fat Shallot and everyone is raving. Follow them here to find out when they’ll be in your neighborhood!! They also do catering, and I would LOVE IT if they opened a storefront in Logan Square!

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Foot-Long Grilled Cheese

December 4th, 2011 · 2 Comments

Earlier in the football season we watched some games at The Scout in the South Loop. I ordered a salad for lunch, but several people at our table got the foot-long grilled cheese. There are 3 different varieties: one with bacon, one with Canadian bacon and a side of pickles, and one with bacon and jalepenos. All came with tomato basil soup. It was crazy how big these sandwiches were! No one could finish, of course, so our table just ended up free-for-alling on them. I had a few bites of the sandwich with the bacon and jalepeno and it was really good. Especially dipped in the soup. That’s the grilled cheese everyone agreed was the best, with bacon and jalapeno. It’s called The Wolff. Look for it on the menu.

As a bonus, here’s a glowing photo of Adam:

Oh and behind him Jarrett Payton (son of Walter) was recording an ESPN Radio show.

One more thing. Who is this idiot who not only bought a Vikings Favre jersey, but is still wearing it out in public!??!

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July 15th, 2011 · No Comments

A few months ago Alden and I decided to check out Grahamwich, Graham Elliot‘s sandwich shop, for lunch. I had heard very mixed reviews about the place. Early this year, Time Out hated on the place, but friends I talked to said it was alright. I kept meaning to go but didn’t and then they had a menu revamp and we decided to finally go and check it out ourselves.

Inside Grahamwich there is very little seating. There is one communal table in the back and then maybe 6 seats at a bar in the front. We lucked out and got two seats together in the front, but I would be afraid to not get so lucky every time. Maybe most people get their sandwiches for take-out, though. Also good to note, there was no wait. We walked right up to the counter and ordered. Our sandwiches were made in a timely fashion.

Pacific Tuna

Grilled Cheese


For lunch Alden ordered the Pacific Tuna (Roasted pineapple + wasabi peas + yuzu aioli + sweet soy + Hawaiian bun) and I got the Grilled Cheese (Wisconsin cheddar + Italian prosciutto + tomato marmalade + cheese curds + pullman loaf). Alden also got a soda, which I think they make in-house and I got the pickles which were pickled vegetables. I liked that our food was served on some really cute vintage tin trays.

Alden thought that his sandwich was alright, but the sauce was much sweeter than he’d have liked. He also wished he’d ordered a side to vary up the taste. I liked the grilled cheese, but it was very rich. I sort of wish we’d have split our sandwiches, because the whole grilled cheese was a little much. Good, but a lot. The pickles did a good job cutting the heaviness of the sandwich and tasted very good, but the serving size was tiny. For $3 I got maybe 10 medium-sized pieces of potato, garlic and cauliflower. I’d have expected at least double that. Or for it to cost half. It didn’t help that they were in a very large box.

All-in-all, we did not hate Grahamwich, but we’re not dying to go back. If and when we do go back we’d do things a little differently.

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