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A Wisconsin Barbecue and Family Reunion

August 15th, 2013 · 3 Comments

Dallas and I, along with my brother and his family, headed up to my parent’s house in Greenville for the weekend. While we were all visiting, my parents invited all of our relatives over for a huge barbecue. I hadn’t seen a lot of people for years and surprisingly, many of them hadn’t seen each other for as long, as well. Six of my mom’s seven siblings were able to attend, as well as a ton of my cousins, cousin’s kids and a good amount of family on my dad’s side, too.

My mom playing bags with Fiona, my cousin Sara’s daughter.

They were playing against my niece Jessica and Fiona’s twin sister, Elise.

Hmmmm… can I name everyone? :) On the patio: Aunt Deb, Aunt Connie, Aunt Sue, Aunt Wanda, Aunt Paula, Aunt Ali, Uncle Dan, Uncle Dave. On the lawn: Cousin Bill and his wife Karen, Cousin Kacey, Kacey’s son Dustin, Double(!) Cousin Anna and her boyfriend Andy. (Photo by Bethany.)

And again! Uncle Rich, Cousin Amanda, Me, My cousin Bethany’s husband Chad, Cousin Erica and her husband Greg, Dallas, Richard, Mom, Uncle Doug, Uncle Morrie, Aunt Deb, Aunt Connie, Karen. (Photo by Bethany.)

My Uncle Dan and my mom contemplating life by the corn field.

Me and Dallas (29 weeks pregnant). (Photo by Sue.)

Doug and Dallas were talking about who knows what forever. Something that was “yay big,” I guess.

Richard hiding in the bushes.

Aunt Sue and Aunt Paula. (Photo by Sue? Probably Aunt Connie or Wanda!.)

All of my cousin’s kids had a great time playing in the little stream/ditch in the way back yard. This is my Aunt Deb, Cousin Amanda, and Niece Jessica with Noah, Oliver, Ella, Brianna, Elise and Fiona.

There were a bunch of frogs in there and the kids were going crazy catching them!! These were all of my cousin’s kids: Sierra, Brianna, Elise, Noah, Brianna (there are 2! Actually, 3 if you count Brianne, who wasn’t there.), Ella, Collin, Fiona, Keegan, Oliver.

Richard & Dad.

Cousin Amanda and her husband Phil chatting with Uncle Doug.

Dallas was joking that you know you’re in Wisconsin when you see this many crock pots lined up! Also when you designate which sausage is “skinless”?

My niece Stephanie and my cousin Skyonna are just about the same age. I think Skyonna is 16 and Steph is 17. (Photo by Sue.)

Dad and my Uncle Dave. (Photo by Sue.)

Aunt Deb, Uncle Doug, Mom, Aunt Connie. (Photo by Sue.)

Keegan and his brother Collin are my cousin Anna’s boys. They’re twins, and so are my cousin Sara’s daughters, Fiona and Elise. Keegan and Dallas played this washer toss game many times and Keegan won most games. The 10 beers Dallas had by that point kind of leveled the playing field!

My Uncle Dan playing bags.

Spot the frogs on Bethany. Now you now what those kids were doing when they caught them! (Photo by Erica.)

The kids went crazy when the ice cream truck van showed up.

Cousin Amanda with my cousin Erica’s kids, Ella and Oliver. My cousin Bethany’s kids Brianna and Noah. My Uncle Rich and Cousin Bethany. (Photo by Erica.)

Uncle Rich and his granddaughter Ella. (Photo by Erica.)

Cousin Bill started up a fire in the pit. (Photo by Bethany.)

The kids started roasting marshmallows right away!

My dad made this pit earlier in the summer. It turned out really nice. (Photo by Bethany.)

Everyone gathered around. (Photo by Sue.)

Sadie and Jess enjoying some s’mores.

People stayed and visited well past dark…

.. but left before Dallas, Richard and my dad got all pyro on it. Apples?

Jess was having a hard time roasting marshmallows with Milo and Dakoda trying to bite the end of her stick.

I was pretty sore from the long drive two days in a row, but it was totally worth it to see everyone. Hopefully we can do it again next summer and it won’t be YEARS before everyone sees each other again!

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Wisconsin Weekend

August 22nd, 2012 · 2 Comments

Over the weekend Dallas and I drove up to Wisconsin for a visit. We arrived in the early afternoon and spent some time out in the back yard where the weather was perfect. My mom and I ran to a store nearby called the Bulk-Priced Food Shoppe. She loves to go and look around, even if she doesn’t buy anything, and I can totally see why. They had such a variety of food and it was all so reasonably priced! Everything from nuts to different flavored sea salts to pastas shaped like anything you can imagine, candy, cake decorating supplies, dips, cheeses… the list goes on and on. I bought a few things, but could have gone totally crazy.

Later on my cousin Kelly and Mark came over and we had a barbecue. Mark brought some sausage his friend gave him and one of the meats was llama! It pretty much tasted like any other sausage, but now I can say I ate llama. Then we headed out for a Wisconsin Timber Rattlers game, like we did last year. They played the Peoria Chiefs and it was a fun game even though the Rattlers totally got spanked.

In the morning we had brunch at Apple City in Appleton. This place is located next to an retirement development and has a ton of senior specials, so if you want to feel really young, go eat there! I didn’t care for the coffee, but my omelette was good.

Before we knew it, not even 24 hours later, we were back on the road. Goes by fast! Thanks for the great weekend, mom & dad!

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Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

August 17th, 2011 · 2 Comments

Over the weekend Dallas and I drove up to Wisconsin to visit my parents. They moved from their house in Waupaca to a new house in Greenville shortly before our wedding in February, but we just have not gotten a chance to get up and see it until now. The area where they live is very nice. The house is newer, the yard is bigger than a city lot, but not too big to keep up. I realized when I got home that I had not even one photo from their house!

When we arrived, we hung around and barbecued. My cousins Dawn and Kelly visited. Kelly brought Mark along and it was nice to finally meet him. We ate tons of food. I can’t even think of it all: Spinach dip, fruit salad, homemade salsa, Kelly brought pasta salad, turkey burgers, salmon, brats, cheddarwurst… We brought down Chicago-brewed Finch’s beer, my dad had some Wisconsin-brewed Central Waters, and there was also the local classic, Miller Lite.

Rachelle & Fang

Fox Cities Stadium Beer

Dad, Dawn, Rachelle, Dallas, Kelly, Mark, Mom

After dinner, my mom and dad treated us to a baseball game at Fox Cities Stadium. This is where the minor league Wisconsin Timber Rattlers play. The stadium was just opened right before I moved away from Wisconsin. I’d been to a game there maybe once or twice, but it had been 10+ years ago.

It was a fun time. Something different to do. The crowd there was really into the game. The Wisconsin Timbler Rattlers were playing the Quad Cities River Bandits. Before the game my dad made me get my photo taken with the Timber Rattler’s mascot, Fang. So, I stood in line behind the 8-year-olds and got my photo taken. I think it turned out cute, though.

From concessions, we drank beer specially made for the Timber Rattlers: Snaketail Ale and Rattler Brau Scottish Ale. Both are locally made in Appleton by the Stone Cellar Brew Pub. The Snaketail Ale was pretty good.

The Sweet Adelines sang the Star Spangled Banner.

Play Ball Kid, sponsored by the Post Crescent

Our seats were right behind Home Plate. At $10, they were the most expensive seats in the park!

Game highlights via TimberRattlerTV on YouTube

Strange bachelorette party in front of us.

Post-game fireworks.

The game itself was pretty interesting. The Timber Rattlers did not get even one run, but it was still fun. Dallas wasn’t cheering for them anyway! We were looking through the program before the game started and he noticed that the opposing team had a player, Kolten Wong, from Hilo who went to Dallas’s old school, Kamehameha, so he decided to cheer for them!

Minor League games are a lot different than Major League. Most notably, everything has a sponsor. Everything. Even the lighting was sponsored by a local lighting company. And in between batting and innings, there were all kinds of promos. Tons of promos. And they, of course, were all sponsored. Dallas said maybe this is to off set the cost of the stadium?

After the game we stayed in our seats for a fireworks show. It was pretty good. We didn’t see fireworks on the Fourth of July, so this made up for that. Mark and Kelly headed home and Dawn came over to my parents to visit just a bit longer, while Dallas attempted to polish off the last of her spinach dip. (He didn’t succeed but we took it home and he finished it the next night!)

Blueberry Hill Pancake House, Appleton, WI

In the morning we got up and went to breakfast at Blueberry Hill Pancake House, a place Dawn recommended to us. She mentioned it was the old Country Kitchen, but it wasn’t until I was inside sitting down that I realized how many times I’d been there before. Late night and for breakfasts and dinners. Total flashback!

Overall a great trip to Wisconsin. Short, but still good. It was nice to finally see where my parents are living. I’m a little envious of their yard and patio off the dining room. I wish we had a bit more grass. Anyway, their place is nice and they seem to really enjoy it and that’s what counts.

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