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Glenn’s Diner

February 4th, 2012 · No Comments

Back in November or December I realized that I hadn’t been to Glenn’s Diner for a long time, so I emailled some friends who we usually go there with – Jen, Chad, Kristin, Brian, Jill – and tried to arrange a date. It all got lost in the holidays, but in January we rescheduled. This week we made or visit.

We tried to think back to when the last time we were at Glenn’s and it was June 2010 for Jen’s birthday! One and a half years ago! Such a shame because I love Glenn’s. The seafood is always so fresh and delicious. I had scallops with a mushroom, bacon sherry cream sauce. ZOMG. So delicious. And Glenn’s doesn’t skimp. I had six huge seared sea scallops. YUM. Dallas, Chad and Jen got the all-you-can-eat shrimp, which is a Thursday night special.

What a fun night to hang out with everyone. And Halle and Quinn were our constant sources of entertainment, of course. Can’t wait to go back!

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Jen’s Birthday at Glenn’s Diner

June 16th, 2010 · No Comments

Monday was Jen’s birthday so we took her out to eat at Glenn’s Diner. They have the best fish there! I had char grilled mahi mahi with fresh fruit salsa. It was so light and summery.

Kristin made birthday cake for Jen and Quinn helped blow out candles.

The restaurant gave us such a big knife! It was longer than the cake and it was a good-sized cake!

Nice birthday dinner. And nice to go back to Glenn’s. We used to go more when we lived farther north, but now I hadn’t been there for about 6 months.

Oh! I almost forgot. Remember how they used to brag about having the world’s best shrimp cocktail? It’s not on the menu any more. It’s been replaced with calamari. I don’t know if it’s the world’s best calamari, but it was pretty dang good. Big, thick pieces.

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In Good Company

March 1st, 2009 · 3 Comments


About a month ago I noticed I was getting referrals to my site from Glenn’s Diner. Glenn’s is a restaurant I really enjoy, but I didn’t know why I’d be getting hits from their site. Futher investigation revealled that I’m listed on their brag page, along with Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Check, Please! and Chicago Magazine, to name a few. Flattering… now I need to figure out how to work this into a comp meal! :) Kidding!

If you haven’t been to Glenn’s, you should go. It’s a great casual seafood restaurant located at the Montrose Brown Line station. Every day they have 16 different kinds of seafood that are flown in fresh daily and they are always priced under $20. Dallas and I have recommended Glenn’s to everyone we know and have been there several times. Here are a few of our visits:

When Cinnamon and Erin and I went for all-you-can-eat king crab legs (Tuesdays for $33.95)
With Dallas, Jill, Brian and Kristin
When Rob was in town to do the sailing Race to Mackinac with Killian we went along with Dallas, Liz and Christina

Dallas and I just watched the clip from when Glenn’s Diner was featured on Diners Drive-Ins, & Dives. Guy spent a lot of time with Executive Chef David Najman in the clip. When I met Cinnamon and Erin for dinner at Glenn’s I was really early so I sat at the bar and had a glass of wine. It was a bit of a wait to place my drink order because the restaurant was slammed. The guy that ended up serving me was Chef Najman. We chatted for quite some time. When Cinnamon and Erin arrived he got each of them a glass of wine as well. In the end we had to wait a little bit, not too long, for a table, and so Chef Najman didn’t charge us for our drinks. Totally unnecessary, but it was a nice touch. He also stopped by our table a couple times to make sure everything was good later on. So, as you can see, not only does Glenn’s have great food, but great service from the top down as well.

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