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Clementines = Crack, Except Crack Isn’t Seasonal

January 5th, 2012 · 3 Comments


Dallas and I can’t stop eating clementines this season! We’ve gone through about 3-4 bags and crates of them so far. We’re each eating several every day!

I can remember when I lived in New York around 2001 or 2002 and my roommate, who was from Boston, got clementines at Christmastime and I said I’d never had one. She looked at me like I was an alien from the moon and was shocked that not everyone ate clementines in the winter. We were not the greatest of friends, so I think I had something against clementines after that.

Dallas and I never eat oranges at home because we both hate peeling them and hate the white stuff… but then Ging introduced us to the beauty of clementines when we were visiting at Thanksgiving time and I had to have them when I got home. So, blame Ging. She got us hooked on crack clementines. I will be so sad when the season is over. Nature’s sweet temptations, indeed!

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Nation’s Giant Hamburgers

December 2nd, 2011 · 1 Comment

Allison and Herm live in the East Bay very close to Billy & Ging and we were looking forward to visiting them on our trip out west. Unfortunately, they were on a trip to Iceland for our whole stay! Before we came out, though, Allison told us to try the burgers at Nation’s in Orinda, not far from where Billy & Ging live. She said they were even better than In-N-Out. GASP!

On our last day in the Bay Area we finally got a chance to visit Nation’s Giant Hamburgers (Since 1952!). We ordered a cheeseburger and two bacon cheeseburgers, fries, and a side of chili. Well, two sides of fries, but the woman working the counter wasn’t the greatest at taking an order, so we only got one. Plus, it was taking a long time to get the food and the line at the counter was long, so we just stuck with the one order of fries. Which stinks, because I thought the fries were great. Definitely better than In-N-Out.

As far as the burger? The consensus was that it was just a bit too big. Billy and Ging shared one. I mean, GIANT is in their name. Also, the way it was assembled made it hard to hang on to without it sliding around. I also added grilled onions and pickles to mine, which I thought was a great addition. I hardly ever eat beef hamburgers, so I thought it was great. Everyone else enjoyed what they had, but thought that the burger itself, under all the cheese, bacon and condiments, was lacking. Good, but not better than In-N-Out?

Not a bad lunch, though. Also, it looked like they had some amazing pies, but we were all too stuffed to try them.

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Ferries, Trains and Cable Cars

November 30th, 2011 · No Comments


Damien, Rachelle

Looking back at Sausalito

Another view from the ferry

…. and we’re off!

After hanging out in Sausalito, Dallas and Billy drove home while Ging, Damien and I took the ferry to San Francisco. Damien loves all forms of transportation – train, boat, airplane, cable car – probably because his mom specializes in transportation and traffic management! Oh, except the car. He hates his car seat (“Ouchie, too tight!” haha).

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco

Alcatraz Island

Pulling into the Port of San Francisco

Bay Bridge

The ferry is a passenger ferry (no cars like the ferries I took around Seattle and Maine) and goes from Sausalito across the bay to San Francisco. Damien was super excited to ride on “the big boat”! Ging said they’d never taken the ferry before, so I was glad to do something they hadn’t done 100 times.

Ferry Building

Boccalone – I liked their tagline, “Tasty Salted Pig Parts”

Blue Bottle Coffee

Latte from Blue Bottle Coffee

The ferry we took is also a commuter ferry on weekdays for people who live in Sausalito and work in San Francisco, or vice versa. On the San Francisco side you get out by the Ferry Building, which has an awesome high-end marketplace. It would be so nice to get out here and grab dinner or flowers or coffee or whatever every day. So nice, and so broke. I happened to see Blue Bottle Coffee, which I knew from Steve is all the rage in San Francisco these days. The line was obnoxious, but Ging wanted to get Damien some Caio Bella sorbet anyway, so I gave it a whirl. I got a latte and a decaf latte for Ging (and the baby!). They were so delicious! I also grabbed 2 bags of whole-bean coffee for home.

The Embarcadero

Ferry Building

Occupy San Francisco

Ging and I had a loose plan to walk up to Telegraph Hill to check out the wild parrots, but it was getting late.. and dark. We ended up just walking along The Embarcadero for a bit then taking the cable car (Damien’s favorite after airplanes) back to the Ferry Building where we got on the BART train (Damien’s favorite after cable cars) back out to the East Bay. Oh, and before the BART ride we passed through Occupy San Francisco, which Ging said has been very peaceful, organized, self-sustaining and clean. No run-ins with police like in other cities.

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