That one time when my photo was published in a German article on the value of street trees.

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the value of trees_Page_2

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the value of trees_Page_6

I have no idea what this article says, but when I was being asked permission to use the photo it was explained like this –

“I am an expert and consultant for urban vegetation and currently I am writing an article with the topic “the value of (street) trees”. Not rocket science at all :) and the journal circulation is not too large (about 15.000 copies), but I see a chance to push the things here a little bit further. Since public relations work for trees is not very common in Europe, I want to present (among others) the concept behind those very popular “arbor days” that you do have in the U.S.”

My photo is on the top of page 40. This is the post where the photograph came from.

Caroline’s Baby Shower

Caroline & Danny

Wisconsin Girls: Rachelle & Caroline

Miko, Aunty Gail, Heather

Aunty Laura’s soup

Heather’s salad along with Aunty Laura’s signature flank steak and cone sushi

Aunty Laura got these on a recent trip to Germany and was calling them Mozart’s Balls. They’re Mozartkugel.

Who let Uncle BB in?

Aunty Laura, Caroline, Danny

Miko, Winnie, Peggy

Packers Bib

Caroline (about the Packers onesie): Isn’t it cute!??!? Danny: NO

Jordan onesies.

Danny & Naoko

Caroline checking out the awesome green tea cake that Naoko made. (Glenna on the side.)

Just cut the cake, Danny!

Last year, while everyone was still in town visiting for Christmas, Dallas’s family in the suburbs threw me a bridal shower. This year right after Christmas they threw Caroline and Danny a baby shower. Caroline is expecting a baby boy in the beginning of February.

I bought the baby his first Packers outfit, which Caroline loved and Danny hated! It was a onesie, hat, bib and a Packers 101 board book. Caroline was holding the hat up and was like “oh look, he could wear this home from the hospital!” and I said, “yes, it will be right after the Packers win the Superbowl!” Danny was not amused.