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From Potter’s Field by Patricia Cornwell

November 14th, 2008 · 2 Comments

finished 11.12.08

Page turner murder mystery. I enjoyed the beginning, middle and right up til the end. The ending I thought she sort of “called in.” Like.. her deadline was tomorrow so she just ended it. Still, I enjoyed the book. I’ve read at least one other book with the same characters on another case, so that helped. Also, there were some “techie” parts of this book, but since it was written 13 years ago they were kind of comical. Like how they go on Prodigy to post internet messages and talk about autoexec.bat. Note: I can remember sitting in a college course in 1993 or 1994 learning about Prodigy and when I found out that you could get recipes from it I was really interested. Wooo.. free recipes on the World Wide Web. Crazytime.

P.S. Remember I said I thought I’d be finishing fewer books because my commute is so much shorter now? Well, I forgot to factor in that we haven’t had TV for two weeks. So, another book down lickity split.

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