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Lunch at Wildberry

October 13th, 2013 · No Comments

Sam, Anandi, Dan, Ryan, Michelle, Adam, Becky, Osmaan, Britt


A few weeks ago, Becky got a bunch of my coworkers together for lunch at Wildberry. I had some super good banana bread french toast. It was nice to get out of the office for an hour!

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Brunchy Brunch to Forget Our Troubles

March 30th, 2013 · 1 Comment


Finally visited Chicago Diner in Logan Square with Jess. This vegetarian restaurant has been in Lakeview for 30 years and last winter they opened a second location in the old Logan Square Kitchen space. I had the Soul Bowl – seasoned quinoa, eggs, chimichurri, brussels sprouts, mashed sweet potatoes, black beans and avocado. I don’t know how these things all were supposed to combine together, but each separately was delicious. Except the chimichurri. No one makes it like El Nandu!

After brunch we went to the Logan Square Farmers Market (the indoor market at the Congress Theater). When I went home this was when I first discovered our water damage nightmare!


A week or two later I went to Harmony Grill with Kristin to get out of the awful house. By now it was (and still is) all torn up. Carpet out, holes punched in the drywall. Industrial fans and humidifiers. Ugh! Thankfully, we both had the Eggs New Orleans – fresh lump crab cakes, two poached eggs, & sliced tomato on English muffins with hash browns – and they were delicious!! I hate when the crab cakes are mostly filler, and luckily these were not. Kristin had a Groupon and we got our meal for free. Nice!



We’ve had to be around the house a bit more on weekdays to let contractors and insurance people and plumbers and appliance delivery guys into the condo. On a few occasions, Dallas and I got up early to have breakfast at Cozy Corner. The food here is pretty simple, but everything is always so good and very reasonably priced. Recently I had the California Omelette – avocado, bacon, & tomato with Swiss cheese – and also the strawberry and banana french toast.


One day I woke up and sneezed thirty hundred times. I had to get out of the condo construction zone, so Alden and I went to Jam. This place opened probably almost two years ago, but whenever I try to go to Jam on the weekends … it’s … jammed! So a weekday was the perfect opportunity. Alden had been to the Ukranian Village location before they moved to Logan Square and wasn’t that into it, but we both liked this place. I had the Malted Custard French Toast – with macerated cherries, lime leaf cream, and pink peppercorns- and Alden had the Corned Beef Sandwich – with horseradish cream cheese, marble rye, potato chips. Oh, and they surprised us in the beginning, after we ordered and before our food came, by giving us a mini black and white cookie.

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Brunch at Whitehall

May 25th, 2012 · No Comments

Whitehall Menu

Tien and Yvan. Not happy to be with 7 ladies at brunch?

Jeannette & Steph

Julie, Rachelle, Shannan

Poppseed scone. I like how the butter serving is as big as the pastry.

Whiskey french toast with grilled pineapple and vanilla mascarpone.

Jess and I didn’t realize we’d invited so many people to brunch on Sunday morning so on Saturday, we were in a bit of a scramble to find some place that could accomodate all nine of us. Luckily Whitehall, the third or fourth place we called, had no issues making the large reservation, at late notice, in the brunch prime time.* Jess said this place is pretty new**, so maybe they’re not totally slammed yet.

Whitehall has a bit of a British angle. Take, for example, the Old English Fry Up on the brunch menu, or the way the lady taking the reservation kept saying “Brilliant!”. I liked the mix of really rustic and really modern decor inside. The white tile and sunny day made everything bright and fresh, as did the fact that they had fresh flowers everywhere. They also had a great brilliant (!) cocktail selection. And I liked how they had the fresh, seasonal ingredients for the cocktails out on the bar and you could see them making each drink. I think our table probably sampled at least one of everything plus had coffee drinks all round. These were all delicious.

The brunch menu isn’t super huge, but it did have a lot of variance. The fruit and the watermelon were very light, the salad with poached egg seemed to be in the middle, the toastie or fry up were larger and more filling. I had the whiskey french toast with grilled pineapple and vanilla mascarpone and it was right in the middle. Satisfying, but not overly filling. Shannan, Yvan and I also split a scone just to try. Some people at the other half of our table ordered a couple and said they were amazing. Yes, I agree. Very good. Overall, a solid brunch choice. Good food, good service, good ambiance.

* I’ll not mention the name of the place that was all “Have you seen our dining room?” Uh, no, lady. As a matter of fact, I have not seen your dining room. They said they could only accomodate six people!

** Looks like they opened in November of last year.

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