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Shake Shack

June 13th, 2012 · No Comments

While in New York I met up with Tien for my first Shake Shack experience. I think Shake Shack opened just after I moved from New York to Chicago and I haven’t been able to try it on any of my visits back, so I was happy to finally get the chance to see what all the talk is about. We met up at the Battery Park location. I asked Tien what the “standard” order was, I wanted to try just the basic, and not base my judgement off something crazy. I ended up with the ShackBurger (single patty with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and Shack Sauce) and a frozen custard chocolate shake.

I liked Shake Shack. I liked it better than Five Guys, which I just tried a few weeks ago. It could be something to do with the way I ordered, though. I didn’t realize that a double was the standard order at Five Guys. If I was to go there again, I’d make sure to get just a single. Also, I had WAYYY too many toppings. It was so hard to eat and way too much. I did really like the fries at Five Guys, though. Tien and I shared fries at Shake Shack. They were good, but they don’t really stand out in my mind the way that the Five Guys fries do.

And then there’s In-N-Out. The holy grail. It’s hard for me to say if I liked my burger at Shake Shack more. I definitely remember a certain char that I liked on the Shake Shack burger, but I think I’d have to give this one to In-N-Out. Maybe its a nostalgia thing, me reminiscing about my days living in California, but I think I like In-N-Out better. I think the toppings are more fresh. I think In-N-Out uses iceberg? Maybe that’s it?

I must note that my burger at Shake Shack was totally under cooked. So much that I brought it back. I thought it was going to be a long wait, because there was a line out the door and they use a buzzer system, but they plucked a new burger out of the kitchen for me in about 30 seconds. I won’t hold this against them, though. It’s almost to their benefit and shows how great of service they have. The employees in the dining room were very helpful and friendly too. And speaking of the dining room, or the general ambiance of the place, I’d say that Shake Shack does win this. The space was beautiful and modern with lots of glass, metal and dark wood. It did not feel like you were in a fast food chain, which is totally the feeling of In-N-Out and Five Guys.

Anyway, I do not eat burgers that often at all, so this was a great treat for me. Also, Battery Park City? What’s up? Everything down there is brand new and there seem to be a ton of young families living there. Tien went to high school very nearby where we were eating and on the walk to the subway he pointed out all the new things. Aside from a building or two, everything is new. He said that back when he was in school it wasn’t anything…. empty lots. Crazy to think about.

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Five Guys at La Guardia

May 29th, 2012 · No Comments

I’ve never been to Five Guys even though the chain has been in Chicago for a while. I knew that my gate was not going to have very good food so I decided I’d give Five Guys burger a try before heading through security. Actually, I ordered it and took it through security, which no one minded so long as I didn’t have a drink. Even the ketchup made it through.

Here is what I did not know about Five Guys. When you order a hamburger or cheeseburger, it is automatically a double. And I got a ton of toppings. This burger was HUGE. But so delicious. And I really liked the fries. Let’s face it, I rarely treat myself to a burger and fries, so this was extra, extra tasty.

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Kream ‘n Kone

July 17th, 2008 · No Comments

A lot of places on the Cape serve fried seafood. We had a bit, but in general tried to eat other things. The food we grilled at home was pretty healthy. Turkey burgers, lots of grilled vegetables. And then almost every day for lunch we had multigrain lavash filled with leftover vegetables.

One night, just one.. and one where we didn’t have to show up in bikinis on the beach the next day… we had to go all out. Usually Cooke’s is the go-to place for fried seafood for us. I even have one of their menus from when I last visited Cape Cod in 2002. This trip we kept hearing that a place called Kream ‘n Kone was really good and well-known for their fried seafood. Lo and behold when we arrived we saw that they claim to be “The Finest Fried Seafood Anywhere.”

Here’s the drill: You order at a counter. If you got chowder or soup you get that right away. You get cups for the self-serve soda right away. Condiments are self serve. For the rest you are given a number and you take it to your seat. The waitress then brings it to your table. We didn’t have time to even start digging into our clam chowder before our piles of fried food arrived, so the service is FAST. The chowder was good, but we’re sticking with The Skipper as the best chowder we had on the trip.

Kream ‘n Kone offers “plates” which include your choice of fried haddock, sole, flounder, shrimp, scallops, clams (whole, with bellies), clam strips, calamari or oysters and French fries and onion rings. Jessica got the fried clam strips plate. Julie and I split a 3-way plate of whole clams, scallops and shrimp. Man, were we overwhelmed when the food showed up! Seafood with stacks and stacks of French fries and onion rings. We knew ahead of time that we’d never finish the food, maybe not even half, and so we tried to just eat til we were satisfied. It was so delicious, though. You could tell that the oil they used was fresh. They must change it often. We also got sides of coleslaw and curly fries. I thought I could sub out curly fries for regular fries, but had to get them as a side instead.

Jessica’s plate after she was finished eating looked like a normal portion at any other restaurant. After we were done eating we had loads of food left so we took it home to Jessica’s grandfather who loved it.

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