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Walkin’ in Logan

January 18th, 2014 · No Comments

Makai and I saw these things on some recent walks:

Real Tenochtitlan. Polanco. Candela.

Hipsters are on to Foto Quetzal. (See also: this and this.)

The Palmer Squares is a great name for a band!

La Boulangerie closed at the end of the year. Sad to see the storefront all gutted and graffitied. I’m sure something will move in fast, though. It’s a primo location on Logan Boulevard and Milwaukee Avenue.

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Logan Square Walk

March 8th, 2010 · 6 Comments

On Saturday it was so nice outside, for the first time in many months I went for a walk to enjoy the weather. It felt nice to breathe in the fresh air and to get out in the sun.

I checked on Nice Slice again and didn’t see any exterior changes, so I decided to walk north on California Avenue. Passing by the Roberto Clemente Post Office, I stopped to appreciate how pretty it is. Inside, it’s about as miserable as any post office in the city, but the outside is nice.

From there on I decided to keep taking photos, even though I only had my cell phone with me. This metal fire escape/stairway outside a building on California Avenue is not actually that common in Chicago. It reminded me a lot of New York where almost every building has this type of escape.

I checked on Letizia’s again. No visible progress so far. On to The Boulevard, that’s Logan Boulevard. The day was spring-like, but I’m hesitant to say “spring” because as you can see, still a lot of snow on the ground.

There were lots of puddles where the snow is melting, though. Trees reflected in a puddle here.

A church and some houses on The Boulevard. Chicago’s boulevards are so pretty. Stately houses, manicured lawns. I love how they’re major thoroughfares but there are large patches of green and quiet local streets along side the express boulevard.

There were a lot of people outside walking around, enjoying the sun and fair temperatures.

Few more houses on The Boulevard.

I decided to stop and get some coffee. Letizia’s isn’t open yet, and why go to Starbucks when there are other local options? So, I went to New Wave Coffee.

This is my barista. And look at the pretty mocha he made me. You don’t get that at Starbucks! New Wave serves locally-made Metropolis coffee and in my mocha, Ghirardelli chocolate.

I entered New Wave on Logan Boulevard, but I exited on Milwaukee Avenue. Walking south on Milwaukee you come across the Milshire Hotel. This place has obviously been there forever. I can’t find a lot about it online, but I’m lead to believe that it is not good. All I could find is people saying that only vagrants, hookers and junkies stay there!

When ever Dallas and I pass this place we sing La Isla Bonita.

Discount Mega Mall. It is what it is.

The car wash is a busy place on one of the first spring-like days of the year!

Dallas and I are convinced that our tiny Logan Square Philly’s Best is really just a part of the garage/car wash. It has service entrances on each side!

There’s this place on Milwaukee Avenue called La Casa del Vaquero. It’s hard to see inside the windows because of the glare of the sun, but if you’re ever passing by, take a look. They have all kinds of wacky stuff inside including a stuffed buffalo, horse and ostrich!

The Whistler is another window to watch for. The windows there change all the time and are always really artistic. Always interesting to see how they have them decorated.

I was happy to see that Foto Quetzal still has this awesome photo in their window display.

If you think dead animals in a window was weird, then what do you make of life-sized pirates?

Maybe even weirder? Chicago has its own Statue of Liberty (at Liberty Bank).

Precision Die Cutting. I’ve passed by it a thousand times.

But this time I looked up for some reason and noticed that they have a sign where they say their the “Home of the Whirlypic”… whatever that is! All I can figure out online is that they’re some sort of plastic outdoor ornaments or vehicle antenna ornaments.

Cole’s is a newer bar that has become a neighborhood favorite. They have free music there all the time.

Logan Square Kitchen is a kitchen and venue space that opened within the last year. My friend Ed has checked it out a few times – he’s got a food-related side business.

The talk of the town: Revolution Brewing.

Stopping for a dry cleaning errand at Smart Cleaners.

I can’t remember where it was.. somewhere I lived… the drycleaning hangers always said something like “Back so soon? And fresh as a daisy!”

Cozy Corner, Emilio’s Produce Stand, the California Blue Line stop. This is a busy intersection. And see the rectangle in front of this guy’s face? Sears Tower. We’re not too far from downtown.

Same corner, different view.

Same corner, different view. Love/Hate. Love Foremost, Hate Subway.

Logan Bar & Grill. Love/Hate in a more traditional manner.

My California Blue Line train station. It’s old and rickety but I like it anyway.

The Mexican bakery, Panaderia la Central.

I think it’s so cute that our local taqueria, Taqueria Moran, has St. Patricks Day decorations up right now.

The final stretch home.

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Our Engagement Photos

December 12th, 2009 · No Comments

There’s a photographer located next to The Whistler on Milwaukee Avenue who has the most bizarre photographs in their storefront window display. We were at The Whistler for Dallas’s birthday in and I couldn’t resist finally documenting the craziness!

Dallas’s friend forgot his ID that night and the Whistler wouldn’t let him in so we went to some kind of sketch bar nearby. You had to ring a buzzer to get in and there were signs warning you not to do drugs in the bathroom. From the fancy pants drinks at The Whistler to drug warnings at the other bar.. oh, Logan Square. You are SO having growing pains!

Later on we went up to The Rocking Horse for more drinks and dinner.

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