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Sunday Funday….

September 9th, 2013 · No Comments


… or as fun as it can be with virgin bloody marys. My birthday + first Sunday of the NFL regular season + great friends is still Sunday Funday, regardless. Too bad the Bears won and the Packers lost to the 49ers, though!

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Birthday Weekend at the Spa

September 8th, 2013 · No Comments

Dallas is away in New Hampshire this weekend at Ross and Chelsea’s wedding. My doctor was really iffy about me traveling for this wedding, so I decided to stay home. Dallas thought about staying home too, but we’d already paid for the room at the inn and when we looked at airfare to Boston it was only $200(and some)! That’s pretty much a deal you can’t pass up. I used to travel to Boston every week for work and I’ve NEVER seen airfare close to that cheap. Anyway, with Dallas away and it being my birthday weekend, I had no other choice but to spend the day at the spa!


For my birthday gift, Dallas got me a prenatal massage. The prenatal at Spa Nordstrom is the kind where you get to lay on your stomach… which is like ZOMG IT HAS BEEN SIX MONTHS SINCE I LAYED ON MY STOMACH!!! To do this the massage therapist puts a big cushion on the massage table. The cushion has indentations for your face, chest and stomach so that your body is supporting your weight and no weight is put on these areas. It looks like this. The massage therapist at Spa Nordstrom told me that there are only a couple places in Chicago that use these cushions that allow a pregnant woman to lay on their stomach for the massage. And as for the actual massage, yeh. It was pretty much the best thing ever. My back issues have subsided a lot since seeing the physical therapist and by sleeping on the couch a few nights a week, but it was still pretty great.


After my massage, I got a quick eyebrow wax and then met up with Kristin, who was also at the spa. We headed to Cafe Nordstrom to lunch on some delicious salads and we split this decadent chocolate birthday cupcake. We were catching up and talking a lot and before I knew it I had to run! The spa was calling me!! My day there was not over. I also treated myself to a pedicure with an amazing leg and foot massage and a quick manicure. I may have also treated myself to some Vosges chocolates afterwards :).

Later on that night I met up with Trent and Loden at Ed’s house to watch some ND/Michigan football. I didn’t really care about the game, even though Ed and Trent are big Michigan fans, but I was interested in the meat from Paulina Market that Ed grilled and, more importantly, the famous s’mores desert he made for us!

What a fun and relaxing day. Thanks to Dallas, Kristin, Ed, Trent and Loden for making it awesome. Let’s do it again today!! (It is still my birthday weekend!)

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Real Sports Bar & Grill, Toronto

February 6th, 2013 · No Comments





When Becky and I landed in Toronto we dropped our things at the hotel and then headed back out to Real Sports Bar & Grill at Maple Leaf Square. Becky is a huge Blackhawks fan who even used to have season tickets. She did some research on good sports bars nearby so we headed to Real Sports to watch the game. This place was pretty crazy – they had a 39-foot HD big screen that was pretty much as big as a movie screen. If that wasn’t enough for you, they also had 199 HD TVs, so 200 total, I guess. And the place was huge! 25,000 square feet. They had a pretty good beer list with 114 taps. I tried the Canadian beer, King Vienna (toffee malt flavour & crisp bitterness taht dries smoothly on your palette), and the somewhat similarly tasting Canadian beer, Granville Island‘s English Bay Pale Ale (caramel malt flavour & light hop bitterness, balanced with a dry roasted finish). I thought both were really great.

The Blackhawks won, that was awesome. But the really weird thing was that the Pro Bowl was on that night… and I can understand how they’d show it on a few TVs, but they put it on a ton of TVs including the huge 39-foot screen. Not only that, but they turned the audio on when it started. All this while there was still Canadian hockey going on. Do Canadians really love the Pro Bowl that much? Not even the Americans watch it!

I enjoyed watching the sports at Real Sports and I liked trying the different beers, but the food was “meh” at best. Becky and I both had a couple different appetizers and they were way underwhelming. Disappointing since I ordered my first Canadian poutine there.

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