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Super Bowl XLVIII

February 5th, 2014 · No Comments


Super Bowl 48: A quiet, relaxing night. Never thought I’d use those words to describe Super Bowl Sunday! Makai and I bypassed all the madness to spend the evening with Jen and Chad and Quinn. We played board games with Quinn and played with Makai while watching the game. Like most people I know, I didn’t really care who won the game, the Broncos or the Seahawks. I was cheering for Manning, but at the same time wanted the Seahawks to win. In the end the game was a total blowout, with the Seahawks winning 48-8.

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Makai’s First Halloween

November 5th, 2013 · No Comments


On Makai’s first Halloween he got to wear this cute outfit from grandpa and grandma. We didn’t do anything special, but it was his first outing – to do the doctor’s office. We take him to Town and Country Pediatrics and everyone there was all dressed up to celebrate. That was cool, except when the doctor walked in I wanted to bust out laughing. He was dressed as Mike Ditka! Kind of hard to concentrate and take him seriously when he had a fake mustache on!

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How I Now Do Sunday Funday

October 8th, 2013 · No Comments


I can’t drink, so I’ll have my fun with delicious, decadent desserts! Ed came over on Sunday to cheer on the Lions against my Packers. He brought beer for himself and his famous Baked Escape s’mores bars for me. The Packers stomped the Lions, Ed stomped out, and I made off with a whole pan of s’mores. Good Sunday, all around! Good Monday, too, when I invented a dessert called warmed s’mores a la mode. YUMYUMYUM!

If you want to get your hands on these delicious s’mores bars (made with marshmallow fluff and Hershey’s milk chocolate sandwiched between two layers of graham cookie), you’ll have to go online for now. Ed/The Baked Escape were at the Edgewater Farmers Market all summer, but it’s done now. Starting in December he’ll be at the Indoor Farmer & Artisan Food Market in Evanston. Individual bars at the markets sell for $3 each, or you can order a whole pan for $20 via the Baked Escape website.

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