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The First

March 24th, 2009 · 5 Comments


If I remember right, the story is that this was given to my parents.. or me.. when I was born. I was the first-born child in our family. I believe this is a paperweight from a bank called The First. It appears that they only have locations in Mississippi, which is curious. I was born in Florida and have family on my dad’s side all over the south. I wonder who lived in Mississippi that gave this to us.. or if the bank used to have more locations in other states.

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The Home Project

February 20th, 2004 · 17 Comments

The Home Project

Florida, Wisconsin, California, and New York. And now Illinois. These are all places I’ve called, and still do call, “home”. I truly believe that “home” is a state of mind, but just for fun I did this Home Project. With the help of my parents, Nancy, and Jessica I was able to gather a photo of every place I’ve called home* and put them together here. I hope you like them.

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* I wasn’t able to get photos of places I lived in Florida so I have instead used a photo of my grandparents’ house.

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April 11th, 2003 · 2 Comments

Jeannie’s Flowers

The moment, 2 months ago, that I fell in love with the macro setting on my camera.

Last night Jess, Julie & I met up with some friends of theirs who were visiting from Florida. We went to Ginger Man and then Chat & Chew. I thought I was cold, these Florida chicks were freeeeezing!!! This cold, rainy weather has *got* to end.

[Update: I’m at work now. Soaking wet. The wind is so strong outside that it’s difficult to walk, let alone carry an umbrella. Sitting at my desk in soaking wet jeans. Wonderful! BAH!]

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