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Jen and Chad’s Annual New Years Eve Party

January 1st, 2012 · No Comments

Quinn & His honeys, Bridget & Maggie

Jerry, Chad, Brian

Dallas & Rachelle

Jill and Jen’s mom, Nancy/Nana

Quinn modeling the hat he made

Brian & Halle (she was distracted by the kids behind me!)

Cousin & Kristin

Catie with daughters Bridget & Tess

Jen’s parents, Terry/Cappy and Nancy/Nana, with the kids in the play room.

Fitz, Cousin, Kristin

Quinn, all set to ring in the new year!

Jen, Kristin, Loden

Ed, Cousin, Trent, Chad, Brian, Dallas

Jill getting in on the fun!

This was the 7th year in a row that we have gone to Jen and Chad’s house for New Years Eve. As has become the tradition the last few years we went to this party early and then went to a second party later. It was fun to see everyone, visit with friends, eat and drink, and play with the kids. I made Irish Car Bomb cupcakes for the parties and Dallas make ahi poke, which reminded everyone of Hawaii.







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Limey’s Going Away Pub Crawl

November 8th, 2011 · No Comments

Bernie, Vickie, Limey :: Rockwood Place

After 18 years in America, Limey Dave is leaving. His work Visa has expired and without a sponsor he has to go. We have done a few things over the past few weeks as part of Limey’s going away period – cooking class, dinner and football – but this past weekend was the big blowout.

Limey & Kevin :: Bar Celona

Limey & Trent :: Bar Celona

Loden & Limey :: Bar Celona

Limes will still be here for a few more weeks and then he’s off to explore the world. I think he’s still unsure of where he’ll end up. I heard Australia and Asia are in the running, as well as England, of course. All nice places to visit, I hear, so I can’t wait to see where he lands.

Chad & Limey :: John Barleycorn

Limey & Rachelle :: John Barleycorn

Wrigley Field

Limey has lived in Wrigleyville the whole time he’s lived in Chicago, so for his going away party he coordinated a pub crawl around the neighborhood. As well, he’s always loved the Cubs so he chose to make the pub crawl baseball themed. Game time began at 1:20 p.m. with a celebratory shot and then we went to 9 bars around Wrigley Field, one bar for each “inning.”

Ted, Trent, Kevin, Chad, Danny :: Cubby Bear

Natalie, Limey, Annie :: Cubby Bear

Paulie & Limey :: Sports Corner

Dallas and I actually missed the first inning at Mullens, but made it for inning two at Rockwood Place. From there we went to Bar Celona from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. Bar Celona opened the bar just for Limey, their most loyal customer, so we spent two hours here instead of one. From 5 – 6 p.m. we were at John Barleycorn, from 6 – 7 p.m. we were at Cubby Bear and from 7 – 8 p.m. we were at Sports Corner.

Ted, Dallas, Jen, Loden, Danny :: Yak-Zie’s

Ted, Dallas, Jen, Loden, Danny, Chen-Je :: Yak-Zie’s

Here’s a secret: Limey’s shot only had Monster energy drink in it! :: Yak-Zie’s

Somewhere between Yak-Zie’s and Guthrie’s we saw this snowmobile and Sara and Jess had to get on it.

We were supposed to go to Murphy’s Bleachers next, but it was too packed to get in. Limey’s entourage was about 50 people strong and there was just no way we could fit in there. So, we were going to go to an alternate, Bernie’s Tavern, but we ended up going right to the next inning at Yak-Zie’s. The final inning, beginning at 10 p.m., was at Guthrie’s, of course, and we stayed there til close.

Eric & Kevin :: Guthrie’s Tavern

Sara, Jess, Rachelle :: Guthrie’s Tavern

Limey, Maria, Jill :: Guthrie’s Tavern

Jill, Danny, Jamie, Fitz, Paulie, Kevin, Jen, Chad’s Hands, Dallas :: Guthrie’s Tavern

Dan, Limey, Maria, Jill, Danny :: Guthrie’s Tavern

Limey & Maria :: Guthrie’s Tavern

Chad, Ted, Danny :: Guthrie’s Tavern

Time to go!!!

It was a fun day and great to see all of Limey’s friends come together. He is a great guy, which is reflected in how many people made a point to be there. We were taking over whole entire bars and making them open for business when usually they’re closed. It was such a fun day. Bittersweet. I’ll miss The Limes, but I know this will not be the last we’ve seen of him. Maybe he’ll even move back one day, who knows. Hopefully we can get to see him a time or two more before his actual move date.

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Jeopardy: Chad Edition

May 19th, 2011 · No Comments

Chad’s Birthday Mug

Chad, Cousin, Dallas, Trent

Chen-Je, Jen, Jason

Limey, Ted, Fitz, Paul, Carrie, Trent

Chad & Dallas

Chad & Rachelle

In grand family tradition of playing bar games for 40th birthday parties, we all gathered last weekend to celebrate Chad’s big birthday and played Jeopardy: Chad Edition. Remember, for Brian’s party there was the Pub Crawl Olympics and for Jill’s there was Survivor Wrigleyville.

Brian setting up the Jeopardy board.

Jill explaining the rules.

Jeopardy Team Representatives: Carrie, Limey, Ted

For Chad’s 40th birthday Jen rented out the beer garden at Fizz, but since it was raining, we were in a heated tent. We paid $35 for all the drinks we could drink for 4 hours and Jen arranged for some really delicious food to be served as well. At the appointed time, we all gathered to play Jeopardy. When we arrived Jen had given us each a number: 1, 2 or 3. This was to sort people into 3 teams. I was on Team 2: Team Burrito House. We chose Limey to be our team representative. When the answers were presented, Limey had to yell Burrito House to buzz in with the correct question. The other teams and reps were Ted for Team Guthries, Team 1, and Carrie (and later Danny) for Team Syracuse.


Getting intense!

These were the categories – For the Jeopardy round there was The Man and His Bans, Potent Potables, and Movies & Music. In Double Jeopardy there was Chad’s Sports Follies, Brushes With Fame, and He’s Had a Job or Two. The Final Jeopardy category was Location, Location, Location and the question was about how many places Chad has lived in Chicago. Jill and Brian constructed the Jeopardy board. Jill played Vannah White, flipping the answers open, while Brian did his best Alex Trebec, reading the answers off. Jen was the scorekeeper.

Chad had to charade out one of the Jeopardy answers.

Jeopardy crowd.

Final Jeopardy

Chen-Je with two winning girls, Caroline & Loden

The game got really heated with everyone screaming to ring in and shouting answers. Before Final Jeopardy my team, Team Burrito House, was in the lead by far! We could not mess this up! Well, leave it to Limey…. he wagered something like $4,000 more than we even had, which seems to be breaking the rules to me, and then we lost everything, and then some, when no one on our team know how many places Chad lived in. Wah wah wahhhh…

Cousin & Todd

Baltimore Bomb

Baltimore Bombs

Jill & Dallas

Chad’s high school friend Todd flew into town from Maryland and introduced us to a new shot called the Ravens Bomb. Well, when he’s tailgating at football games he calls it that, but we were opting to call it the Baltimore Bomb. In Baltimore they drop a grape vodka shot into a cup of Red Bull energy drink. At Fizz they only had Monster energy drink, so we used that. Check out the awesome custom shot glasses Fizz had. Perfect for bombs. As for the Baltimore Bomb? It tasted awesome. The grape vodka tasted just like grape soda. Todd did warn me that they will sneak up on you if you are not careful, but I only had two. They were flowing pretty readily, though. I think they did sneak up on some people. Or… it could have been the other bombs…

Chad’s Birthday Cheesecakes

Dessert: Carbombs or Cheesecake?

Of course a night out with all these guys is not complete without Irish Car Bombs. Right as Trent was ordering a round, Jen was in the other room gathering people for cake! Ed (remember The Baked Escape) made two white chocolate raspberry swirl cheesecakes (with a chocolate cookie crust) for the party. So delicious. I’ve had this one a few times. It never disappoints. Just as the cake was being cut the Irish Car Bombs arrived. So, choose your poison: Cheesecake or booze. Or both. Why not? Actually, I only had a tiny sliver of the cake and passed on the bombs.

Todd & Brian

Dancing around the birthday boy.

After this, I don’t know what happened. I didn’t feel very drunk, but there was a lot of dancing. And Ed sent me photos of things this week that I only vaguely remember happening. So yeh. Kind of proud that us old people can still have a good time!

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