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First of May

May 1st, 2012 · No Comments

I think this is the 7th year I’ve posted this song on this day.

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First of May

May 1st, 2011 · No Comments

Ooh ooh child, what’d you think the cold winter’s gonna last forever?

Um. Yes. Actually, I did think the winter was going to last forever. But this weekend was pretty nice. Walked outside without a coat on. Got almost all of the gardening done on the patio and the deck. Bring on the warm weather!

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Trevor & Kate’s Wedding

May 4th, 2010 · 3 Comments

On Saturday, May Day(!), we attended Kate and Trevor’s wedding. This is our first of 5-6 weddings this year plus the planning of our own, so I think you know what our 2010 theme is.

Trevor and Dallas golf and play basketball and poker together. The wedding took place at Olympia Fields Country Club, where Trevor is a member, and his family has held membership for something like 3 generations. Since Olympia Fields is about 30 miles outside of the city and no one wanted to worry about driving and drinking and driving, a group of 22 of Dallas’s friends got together and rented a limo bus to drive us. Here are some photos of us on the limo bus on the way to the wedding. You’ll notice later on that they’re a lot more subdued than the photos in the limo bus on the way home!

Leaving on a limo bus

Kelly & Todd & JP’s rabbit ears

JP & Kelly

Of course we had some drinks on the bus ride and when we arrived at the country club, we wanted to get another. We found out the hard way that Olympia Fields is way old school and that there are certain rooms that non members and women cannot enter. Eventually someone took pity on us and hooked us up with refreshments. We’d arrived early, an hour early, so we just had a drink or two to pass the time.

Rachelle & Dallas

Craig, Christine, Adam

Josh, Todd, Kelly

Kelly, Brian, Sarah

The ceremony took place at 5:00 p.m. in a really beautiful tall-ceilinged room. The natural light was amazing. The ceremony was relatively short, but very moving. Kate lost her mom last year and there were some very touching mentions of her being there on the big day.

Kate & Trevor’s Wedding Program

Kate & Trevor’s Wedding Ceremony

After the ceremony we had cocktails and then it was on to dinner. The room that the dinner and reception were in was big and majestic. Very high pitched ceilings.

Getting ready for dinner

The cake was beautiful!

Kate & Trevor made a soundtrack as wedding favors.

For dinner we had salad, a choice of chicken or steak, and cake with ice cream. During dinner there was a slideshow that the best man made up. He and Trevor have been friends since they were little kids so there were many funny photos of them growing up. Kate and Trevor also cut the cake during dinner so it would be ready in time for dessert. I also liked that before dessert was served they walked around to every table and greeted guests.

At dinner

Cutting the cake

Trevor & Kate

Kris & Dallas

Kris, Rachelle, Dallas

Kate & Kris

After dinner we danced. And danced. The band was awesome and played everything from current songs from artists like Lady Gaga to old songs like Twist and Shout. Really good. We had a great time hanging out with friends and dancing to the music.

Trevor gets the dancing started

Ang & Murph

Vanessa, Rita, Brian, Kelly

Rachelle & Kris

Vanessa & Damian


One of Kate and Trevor’s friends, Ed, is in a band. At one point he got up on stage and sang Kate and Trevor a song with the band, which was neat.

Ed Wood sings Your Love by The Outfield


Dallas & Kris

Craig & Rachelle (Don’t ask, I can’t remember!)

Dallas & Kyle

Dallas, Craig, Kris, Todd, Josh

At the end of the reception everyone who was still around, which includes all of us party animals, I guess, were escorted to another room where there was a small bar set up and someone had ordered pizzas. Great idea. There’s nothing you want more after a night of drinking and dancing, than some midnight pizza!

Soon enough it was time to catch our limo bus ride back to Chicago. The driver had somehow managed to save our cooler of drinks even though he had other jobs inbetween our dropoff and pickup – like I know he had to drive some kids to prom. Trevor and Kate made a CD of songs as wedding favors and we listened to the CD on the bus ride home. There might have been some limo bus dancing, someone may have done the worm down the bus aisle, some other people may have been acting innapropriately with the poles you hang onto to stand up on the bus, someone else may have stood in the cooler wearing their fancy dress shoes and getting them full of melted ice, and there may have been a face plant or two. Most of these things will go undocumented and saved for future blackmail schemes!

Sarah & Brian – Dancing Bus!

Rachelle & Brian

Kris & Todd

As you can see from the photos it was a fun, fun night and a great way to kick off our wedding season! I also enjoyed getting to know all of this group of friends better. Some I met as long as 6 years ago, but some are new, and all of them I don’t hang around much, so it’s nice to get to know this side of Dallas’s friends, and even this side of Dallas more.

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