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CHIRP Presents The First Time: First Child

February 13th, 2013 · No Comments

Georg Coleman
Gerald Dowd
Matt Spiegel
Susan Messing
Megan Stielstra
Erin Shea
Jocelyn Geboy, MC & Event Organizer

The week before I went to Toronto, Sara, Steve and I went to the CHIRP event, The First Time: First Child at Beat Kitchen. Like the last few times (First Date, First Record, First Digs, First City), we had so much fun! This time I knew one of the readers, Erin Shea, but also recognized a few from previous events. We’re becoming a family!! :)

As always, all of the essays were great. I enjoyed the music so much too. I, of course, especially like Erin’s piece. Over the years, since we’re not working together any more, we’ve grown apart and I while we’ve kept in contact online, it was interesting to hear her tell her tale in person. I also really enjoyed Gerald Dowd’s essay, which brought him out from behind the drumset. I’ve seen Tributosaurus perform, so was also especially interested Matt Spiegel’s reading. And Megan Stielstra is always great. Ok. They were all great. I call them each out on their own merits, but just believe me, they were all good.

The event was $10 and all proceeds went to benefit CHIRP. Follow CHIRP’s Facebook page to make sure you get alerted when the next event is planned! You won’t want to miss it.

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Andy and Katie’s Wedding Reception

July 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

Andy and Katie got married last month on Maui. It was a intimate wedding, with only family and close, close friends attending. When they returned to Chicago they threw a big reception for all of their family and friends at Tavern at the Park. It was about 100 degrees outside (what else is new lately) and I might have realized that hydrating with cold white wine may not have been the best idea. Dallas and I had a great time with them celebrating their wedding, nonetheless!

At the end of the reception, a few of us headed up to the rooftop. This is Tavern at the Park’s “treehouse.” It was still hot but not as broiling as it had been all day. We enjoyed a few fancy cocktails while taking in the views of the city. After a couple drinks, you get a bit dizzy staring up at the skyscrapers around you!

Next we headed to The Gage, which was just around the corner from Tavern at the Park. I don’t know why, but I was mesmerized by the lights behind the bar. They were changing color…woooooo. Crazy.

Finally, we met up with Josh, Marty and Todd at Hub 51. One funny photo here. I went to the women’s restroom and found out that they have TV monitors in there that show what’s going on in the bar. One of the cameras was pointed exactly at our table so it was like a husband spy-cam. Hmmm… what is Dallas up to while I’m waiting in line for the can?

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Erin’s Baby Shower

January 24th, 2011 · 3 Comments

On Saturday I went down to Tinley Park for Erin‘s baby shower. I’d never been to Tinley Park before and honestly? It was pretty easy to get to and only took about 40 minutes tops, no traffic! Erin’s shower was at an Italian restaurant called Gatto’s and her mom, sisters and friends reserved a space for us to celebrate. When I walked in, I had a tiny socially awkward panic thinking I didn’t know anyone, but very quickly I saw Blagica and Claire. We sat together and chatted, enjoying a nice Italian lunch of salad, calamari, penne, and chicken vesuvio.

Erin mingled around at each table and she looked so adorable. The last time I saw her was September. She was about 3 months along, I think? Honestly, she wasn’t looking too pregnant. She’s looking pregnant now! The baby is due three days before our wedding February. Erin introduced me to some people I didn’t know and told them I was getting married in a month. She went on to say how she and Scott had totally planned on attending and were even looking at rental properties, when they found out they were expecting. She said she was so bummed. Joyous. But bummed. Erin & Scott, I know I’ll have a lot going on when we’re on Kauai, but I will for sure be thinking of you guys. Can’t wait to meet your baby girl!

– – – – –

Oh. P.S. I wanted to note the gift I got, since it was made by local crafty ladies. Since I worked with Erin and Scott on Chicagoist and that is where Erin and Scott met, I got them two Chicago-themed onesies.

The onesie on the left has the Chicago flag and was made by the talented Anne Holub, who we are all friends with. This gift got a small applause.. so .. winner! On the right, the Bean Baby onesie reminded me so much of our old Chicagoist bean tshirts that I couldn’t resist. Erin and Scott “got it” immediately, so that was awesome too. The Bean tshirt was made by Leigh Kelsey, who has an Etsy shop called Rhymes With Twee, and once applied to be a Chicagoist contributor… so it was all so perfect!

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