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Our Engagement Photos (For Real)

August 30th, 2010 · 2 Comments

I joked before that we were going to get our engagement photos done here, but of course, we did not. The talented Steve Koo did our photos. Steve has been an online friend for years, so he was one of the first I thought of when it came to our wedding and engagement photography. We love his style: Not posed, just getting to the heart of the feeling and emotion of a moment. I also love how vibrant the colors in his photos always are. Since Steve is coming with us to Hawaii, I think he will make some beautiful wedding photos.

For our engagement photos, Steve and his assistant Nicky came over to our house early one morning. We decided to walk around our neighborhood, Logan Square, and just take photos as we go. Good plan, but it was seriously about a hundred degrees and as humid as hell that day. I don’t think it shows in the photos, though. The friends I’ve showed these to already have commented how the photos reflect our personalities and our vibe together: Lots of smiles and laughing, no mushy or weird poses. Very real, very casual, and very us!

So, without further ado:

We can’t wait to work with Steve more at our wedding. If you need to get some portraits, engagement photos, family photos or you need a wedding photographer, check out Steve’s portfolio or follow his blog.

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I Love My New Uncle Dallas

January 21st, 2010 · 7 Comments

Shortly after we told my brother that we got engaged he sent us these photos of Jessica doing some art on their driveway with sidewalk chalk. I must admit that my first reaction went something like this: “Awwwww!!!!” And then after a second passed I saw it for what it was: A Hoax! If you have ever met Jessica and Dallas together or have read this site, then you will know why! Plus, that handwriting looks an awful lot like Amanda’s handwriting!

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Our Engagement Photos

December 12th, 2009 · No Comments

There’s a photographer located next to The Whistler on Milwaukee Avenue who has the most bizarre photographs in their storefront window display. We were at The Whistler for Dallas’s birthday in and I couldn’t resist finally documenting the craziness!

Dallas’s friend forgot his ID that night and the Whistler wouldn’t let him in so we went to some kind of sketch bar nearby. You had to ring a buzzer to get in and there were signs warning you not to do drugs in the bathroom. From the fancy pants drinks at The Whistler to drug warnings at the other bar.. oh, Logan Square. You are SO having growing pains!

Later on we went up to The Rocking Horse for more drinks and dinner.

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