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Makai’s First New Years Eve Parties

January 2nd, 2014 · No Comments

Party #1: Chad and Jen’s House

Dallas and Makai. Makai is wearing his new outfit that he got at Christmas time from Richard and Amanda.

Dallas & Kristin,

Presents for Makai from Quinn.

Party #2: Josh and Liz’s House

Josh’s game room – Pool, Darts, TWO huge flat screen TVs.

Makai was sleeping for HOURS in the corner. People didn’t even know he was there.

Ringing in 2014. Makai woke up MINUTES before and was HUNGRY!

All better after he ate. He was smiling and happy.

Andy, Rita, Mikey.

On New Years Eve we had to take Makai to the doctor. Turns out he has an outer ear infection, which explains why he’d been super fussy in the previous days. Although, he did just get vaccinations, so that’s what we thought was the issue at first. The doctor dug a bunch of crap out of his ear and sent us home with some drops and almost right away, Makai felt a lot better. Still, we were not sure if we would still go to the two New Years Eve parties that we’d planned to go to and had a lot of back up plans.

We decided to get to Jen and Chad’s house early, at 5 p.m. We were the first ones there and Makai was awake for about an hour or hour and a half. After that he fell asleep for about five and a half hours! I was ready at any minute to take Makai home if he was not feeling well or crabby, but he just slept and slept. We even took him to Josh’s New Years Eve party and he slept there too. He woke up at a few minutes to midnight, just in time to ring in the new year with everyone. But he was super crabby, because, HELLO!?!? feed me!! After eating he stayed up and visited for about an hour and then we called it a night. I wanted to get home and get him back to sleep in his bed so he can truly be on the mend.

Happy New Year, Makai! Here’s to hoping this is the only ear infection of 2014 (but all the parents at the parties told me it probably will not be!).

P.S. This is the 8th NYE we’ve spent at Jen and Chad’s and I think the 4th one we’ve spent with our other group of friends at the second party.

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Wii U Party

January 31st, 2013 · No Comments


I have been a Nintendo Brand Ambassador for over 4 years now and have gotten to do some really cool things. In the fall I was invited to travel to Los Angeles for a preview party on their new Wii console, the Wii U. Over the Christmas holiday I was given a Wii U. Dallas and I set it up (mostly Dallas) and have been playing with it. I’ve been watching a lot of streamed content through the Amazon app too. We even brought the Wii U to a new years party, so it could become karaoke party.


Last weekend Nintendo helped me host a Wii U party at my house. I got to invite 20 people (boys and girls!) and Nintendo provided the food, drinks, games and prizes for guests. Not only that, but they also flew two people, Dawan and Chris, to Chicago to help set up for the party and then to help us play the games. I had fun playing some of the games that allow up to 5 people to play. I hadn’t ever had enough people over to play those yet! There was one where the person holding the large Wii U controller with the touch screen is Mario and he runs and hides (only he can see the whole map). The other four players use the regular Wii controllers to run around and try to find Mario in the maze. There was also a fun ghost game.


I wasn’t sure how engaged people would be with just one gaming system for twenty people, but I was surprised. People were gathering around and really getting into it. Also, some of the Nintendoland games were quick, so people could all have a turn in a short amount of time. We also played Sing Party, which is more of a party game. And we played Super Mario Brothers, with several people all at once. The person with the touch screen can add blocks to either help or hinder the other players.


At 8 p.m. we video chatted over the Wii U with a party that was taking place in Tennessee. The party there was mostly kids. We chatted with them a bit, told them how cold it is in Chicago. It had snowed that day, so we pointed the camera out the window so they could see the snow and all the kids loved that. They pointed the camera out their door window and we could see their cute dog who wanted to get in!


Big thanks to Nintendo for being so awesome!!

Disclosure: It might be needless to say, but Nintendo provided the gaming console, prizes, food and drink for this party. I was not paid, or even asked, to write this post.

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A-Plate on Southport

January 23rd, 2013 · No Comments



A while back I met up with Sara, Emily and Jess for dinner. We were trying to pick a casual, inexpensive place and found A-Part on Southport to fit the bill. Oh, and very good food too! I wondered why they called their crab rangoon “crispy candy” but when it came out, it was totally apparent. How cute are those crab rangoons!??! For my meal I had chicken roti, which was a a mix of chopped chicken, cucumbers, carrots, eggs and jalapenos in light sweet and sour dressing filled in roti (Indian flat bread). Very good.

A-Part seems to brisk take out. The downstairs is very small, with just a counter to order (and the kitchen behind). The dining area is just a small lofted area with a few tables upstairs. When we were there on a Sunday night we were the only ones dining in, but people were in and out often for takeout orders.

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