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Beard Papa’s

June 7th, 2012 · No Comments

I seem to remember Beard Papa’s opening in New York just after I moved away from there, so I never got to try it. When one opened in Chicago I just never got around to trying it. If you aren’t familiar, Beard Papa’s is an international chain of cream puff stores that started in Japan in 1999. They have 250 stores in Japan and 300 worldwide. I think they’re as known for their cute logo as much as their delicious cream puffs. (Watch this video for more on their story.)

A couple months ago, my coworker Don brought in a bunch of Beard Papa’s cream puffs and offered to share with me. I was excited to finally try the popular cream puffs. I chose a vanilla one and thought it was so rich and decadent. Very good. Now that the Roundarch Isobar office has moved, I have been walking through Block 37 every day and that means walking past Beard Papa’s every day. So far I have resisted stopping, but this can’t hold out forever! I keep remembering how good that one cream puff was!

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Roundarch Isobar at Lucky Strike

May 21st, 2012 · No Comments

Last week Roundarch-Isobar (if you’re wondering about this Isobar development, read here) hosted a Chicago social event at Lucky Strike, the fancy bowling theater that is now not far from our new office. We had 6 bowling lanes, pool tables, ping pong, and casino games. Not to mention the three hours of premium open bar, appetizers and pizza. It was fun to get out of the office, but also, we go to meet some of our new colleagues who were visiting from our new Detroit office.

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Roundarch Summer Event 2009

August 18th, 2009 · 4 Comments



Matt & John

Marcel & Eric



Dan & His Date



Shanks & Eric

Waleed & Marlena

Bekah, Ben, Rudy, Don, Adam

Lynnanne, Aimee, Anjum

Ronald, David, Manvesh, AJ, Waleed

Geoff & Jeff


Anjum & Marcel

Eric & Garrett

Thomas, Sean, Gary, Jim, Shaun

Ashish & Brian


Rossanne & Ryan

Jory, Mike, David, Craig

Tony & Juan

Tony, Fadi, Erika


Last week Roundarch had it’s annual Summer Event, which consists of an all-night party and an all-day meeting with everyone from all of our offices in town to attend. It was great to see everyone that I work with in other offices and the party was so much fun. And the after party. The after after party, I can’t say… I went home at 2 and others were still going out for more! As for the meeting, it was actually pretty entertaining… not like the dry all-staff meetings I was used to at other places I’ve worked. Great event, Roundarch!



Client Booth

Client Booth


Client Booth


Relaxing (nursing a hangover) in a secret cabana on the Chicago River.

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