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Kelly & Jeff’s Holiday Party

January 3rd, 2010 · No Comments

On the second day of the year 2010, we went up to De Pere (near Green Bay), WI for my cousin Kelly and her husband Jeff’s holiday party. I’d only been to their house one time before and Dallas had never been there so we were long overdue!

Kelly & Jeff

My parents, my brother’s family, Kelly’s mom my Aunt Sue, my other cousin Kelly and her daughter Katie, and my cousin Sara’s family all came over. Jeff made a big pot of chili and cornbread and Sara brought cornbread muffins as well. There were lots of dips and sweets to round the meal out. ha. Here’s a photo of my brother and sister-in-law since apparently I didn’t mention them at all the last time I saw them and it cannot be implied that they were present without proof. haha.

Richard & Amanda

Steph got a guitar for Christmas so she was practicing with a book. My Aunt Sue was also showing her how to do some things.


Margo is only about 3 months old.

Kelly, Katie, Margo, Mom

I tried to take a photo of Jessica and Tessa, but it is hard.

Tessa, Jessica

This always happens:

Tessa, Jessica

Bribed to hold still.

Jessica, Tessa

Charlotte happily posed for a photo.


There was a fierce white elephant gift exchange. My dad got the first pick and opened something nobody wanted. It’s this annoying Packers toy dinosaur that dances and has blinking lights and plays the most annoying song on earth. This has been circling through our family for a while now.


Dallas got the Bodyguard soundtrack on cassette. Luckily Unfortunately, our car has a tape deck and we had a 3 hour ride home.


Tessa really wanted to keep a hold of these granola bars in the swap. She may have cried the first time they got stolen away. I can’t remember who ended up with them. It was either Tessa or Sara.


After the gift exchange, we played a lot with the kids. Here’s my cousin Sara’s husband Cam and one of their twins, Fiona, I think :).

Fiona, Cam

Intense round of the fish game, except in the princess edition I think they catch jewels.

Jeff, Charlotte, Elise, Fiona


Fun day. Wish we could have stayed longer, but we had a long drive home. Luckily there was no traffic and the roads were clear. Can’t wait for next year’s swap. We have some junk lovely gifts to give away!

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Picking Raspberries at Kelly & Jeff’s

October 6th, 2008 · 2 Comments







Stephanie helping Tessa get her shoe back on.

Rachelle & Charlotte

Charlotte, Rachelle, Kelly

Charlotte & Dad

My cousin Kelly, her husband Jeff and their daughters Tessa and Charlotte live in De Pere, WI. They were the ones that got us tickets for the preseason Packers game that we went to. Before the game we got to visit a bit at the house. We also stayed there overnight after the game. Kelly and Jeff have a patch of raspberries growing in their yard and all of the kids were out there picking them and eating them. Funny how Tessa was picking them and shoving them in her mouth immediately, whereas you can see Jess was saving them up in her hand and then eating them. It reminded me a lot of when my brother and I were young. We were always outside eating raspberries. Our dog even got into it. I can’t remember my method.. if I was more pick and eat like Tessa or pick and hoard like Jess.

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What did you do this week?

February 15th, 2008 · 5 Comments

Dad Run
DePere, WI

This week my dad turned 59, ran in a 15k event in the snow and took second place in his age group. Way to go!

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